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RUSH: Bill Clinton in Fayetteville, West Virginia, yesterday got into an argument with a member of the audience. The audience member is an Obama supporter named Ruth Callibra, and we join the argument in progress here. It is an argument over claims made by Hillary Clinton that she improved health care during Bill’s administration.

CLINTON: Are you–

CALLIBRA: I remember that.

CLINTON: Wait, wait, wait a minute, ma’am. We had rallies all over this country. She worked 40 —

CALLIBRA: Before the election, and after the election

CLINTON: No, you’re wrong. You’re wrong. Wait a minute. I can’t believe you’re saying that. There are millions of pages of documents that we have released showing the exhausting work that was done, the tens of thousands of people consulted, the rallies and meetings we had all over the country. Now, wait a minute. I listened to you. You interrupted my speech. You let me talk. (cheers and applause) You interrupted my speech. You interrupted my speech. Let’s just say — Wait a minute. There’s nobody in America that’s got more credibility, and for you or any other person to claim she didn’t work on it is the craziest thing I ever heard. (cheers and applause) Opposing her (unintelligible) doubt that we worked our hearts out. And let me just give you another example. The other day we were in south Texas, or Hillary was, and all the doctors asked to meet with her.

RUSH: This is amazing, because, do you remember, it was not that long ago, a month, maybe six weeks, Clinton was out there saying she had nothing to do with health care, because everybody was talking about how nothing got done, and health care was responsible for losing the House, one of the reasons why, and so he took the blame for it. Clinton was out there trying to be chivalrous. (visual interruption) What are you doing with your hair? You are distracting me. You got rubber bands, you’re putting hair braids in there, what are you doing? Is it all tangled up? Well, put it up during a commercial break, for crying out loud. You look like you’re trying to yank your hair out in there. I’m in the middle of trying to do broadcast excellence — interrupting the monologue here, just like this Obama supporter interrupted Clinton talking about how his wife did everything on health care. Anyway, Clinton’s out there saying, (doing Clinton impression) ‘Look, I gotta tell you the truth about this. She didn’t do anything on health care, that was my doing. I’m the one that bollixed that.’ He was trying to be chivalrous.

So now this Obama supporter comes up and challenges and he’s out there singing her praises, all she did for health care, he’s talking about all that exhausting work. We had rallies and meetings all over the country. That’s the bus trip, and we shut that down. This was the health care express or something like that, and it started out in Seattle, and it was a whole bunch of buses with Hillary on them and we got advance notice where those buses were headed. They think we tampered with this election? We destroyed the health care express back in 1993. They had to take detours. They had to take detours and skip some of the little towns they were going to because we had people lining up waiting for them, the buses would pull in, and the boos would start, as soon as the doors open. It was a hoot. People have forgotten all this. So the Drive-Bys caught up with the woman that was arguing with Clinton in Fayetteville, West Virginia, the name is Ruth Callibra, and here’s a part of that exchange.

CALLIBRA: I’m talking about health care, and I said that I remember, okay, that she campaigned like crazy for health care. She ran into the White House, two weeks after that she never emerged and worked for health care. He tried to deny that, okay, but I remember that.

REPORTER: What did you think when he said that that was crazy?

CALLIBRA: Well, of course he was going to say that. So — but I remember it for a fact, okay? So I don’t know what else to say about it, okay? They promised, and they didn’t deliver.

RUSH: So her complaint is that they’re trying to take credit for caring about people regarding health care and so forth, but the whole thing was botched, no matter who did it or who’s taking credit for it. And, you know, she was trying to say to Clinton during his speech, you guys didn’t get anything done, Hillary got nothing done, she went in there and got nothing done. Now, Clinton a month ago agreed with that, it was him that didn’t get anything done. And now he’s saying that hundreds of thousands of people and documents and meetings and rallies and stuff, we did everything we could, you shut up now. This is my speech. So anyway, the Clintons never had this happen to them. They never had infiltrators get in their press conferences on their campaign events or hearings.

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