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RUSH: Back to the phones. Mike in Atlanta, glad you called, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call, Rush. Greetings from the Peach State. Rush, you were talking earlier about the month of April, last month, the average temperature being the coldest on record in 114 — or the 29th coldest.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: In 114 years. It made me wonder, and now I’ve waited to talk to you, in fact it’s gotten me worried, what are the dire predictions for global cooling?

RUSH: There are no dire predictions for global cooling, and in fact the objective of global warming and the objective of the global warming monikers is to stop the warming and that is to cause cooling. And of course this is ostensibly supposed to be good. But there is nothing negative here about global cooling whatsoever, other than perhaps a new ice age.

CALLER: Well, that was my concern. Are we headed toward an ice age now?

RUSH: Who knows. There are a lot of people who think that we’re headed for a mini-ice age; that we’re headed for a profound period of cooling. And, in fact, even the global warming believers, all these scientists involved in their consensus supporting their hoax — and I mentioned this the other day, just to remind you — they found something. They found currents in both the Atlantic and the Pacific which are going to cool the planet for the next 10-to-12 years and delay the onset of global warming. But after that, after these 10-to-12 years, look out, because it’s going to start sizzling again. Now, they couldn’t explain why all of a sudden this unstoppable warming is going to be arrested for 10-to-12 years. They chalked it up to natural climate variations. And of course these are ocean currents. I think one of them is La Nina. I don’t know what it is in the Atlantic, but they’re concerned. Some of the pro-global warming people, they’re looking at their little models — they’re not even looking at models in this case, they’re looking at actuals — they can see these temperatures the same as you and I. And so they’ve gotta do something because it’s not going to do what they say it’s going to do the next ten years, which is why they’re very cagey and smart, talk about the next 50 years, the next 60 years, none of us are going to be alive to see whether these people are right or not.

But they still want us to engage in policies that would wreck this economy in order to fix something that isn’t happening. So now this cooling has come along, oops, well, natural variations, natural climate variations. Isn’t that interesting? Folks, I know this is common sense to you and me, because you and me, we know that all these climate occurrences are natural, and not one of them is artificial. Meaning we’re not causing it! We couldn’t cause it if we wanted to, is the point. Can we make it cooler when it’s burning hot out there? Can we make it warmer when we’re freezing our tushes in the winter? We can’t do this. So there are natural climate variations that are cooling the planet right now. This is the earth taking care of what man is doing to her. Well, if there are natural climate variations that can cool the planet, why can’t there be natural climate variations that warm the planet? Well, obviously there can be. Now, I had an interview with our Official EIB Climatologist, Roy Spencer on the phone on Tuesday afternoon for the upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter.

By the way, the upcoming issue of the Limbaugh Letter is about oil, and it is a brilliant, brilliant issue. And it will be next month’s. But in talking to Dr. Spencer, I said, ‘Dr. Spencer –‘ you know, he’s a scientist, used to be at NASA, now he’s at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, and I said, ‘You’re a man of science. What’s the best way to combat this in terms of changing the minds and hearts of the American people?’ His first answer to me was, ‘I don’t think we’re going to have to do anything. I think the next seven to ten years are going to show that we’re not warming and, in fact, may be cooling and the global warming crowd is going to be discredited in and of itself. And I said, ‘Well, that’s nice, if that happens,’ but I don’t think they’re going to allow that to happen. I think they’re going to portray anything that happens in climate as a result of global warming. And they’re going to say these next 10-to-12 years of cooling are simply the earth compensating for the attempt to destroy the planet by man, but at some point the earth will lose the competition between nature and man.

And I said, ‘Dr. Spencer, let me illustrate something for you. Take Stephen Hawking. The smartest man on the planet, whoever it is, let’s just say it’s Stephen Hawking, okay? And let’s take Stephen Hawking off the earth, let’s put him somewhere else in the universe, and there is no earth. And we say to Dr. Hawking, ‘Dr. Hawking, I want you to create the climate of the planet earth that God is going to create. I want you to put all of the systems in it. I want you to account for all the complexity. I want you to populate it.’ And Dr. Spencer said, ‘Well, it’s a good illustration. It’s impossible.’ Precisely, it’s impossible. There is not a human being alive who, if given a chalkboard or a computer, could sit down and put together the mathematics and whatever else is necessary to create this climate. So on what basis do we think we can change it? So much of this is just common sense. But to understand the global warming hoax I am convinced one has to have a more than rudimentary understanding of liberalism. One has to be willing, open-mindedly, to accept that science has been corrupted by politics.

Science is not pure. We’ve always thought that it was. We’ve always thought that science was immune to political and ideological concerns. But it isn’t. In fact, science has now become — quote, unquote, science — has become a home for displaced socialists and communists to advance their agenda of anti-capitalism wherever they can. A lot of people don’t want to believe that. See, I try to approach it on a commonsense basis. Oh, yeah, we can destroy the planet, right? Driving our cars.

Have you seen the pictures of this volcano eruption? Where was this? Where did this volcano erupt? Chile. The one in Chile, have you seen the pictures of this volcano? Have you seen the amount of ash that was spewed into the sky from this volcano? I have to take a break. I’m going to make my point when we come back after an obscene profit time-out. Don’t go away.


RUSH: On the 7th of May, a couple of days ago the UK Daily Mail published some color pictures of the aftermath of the eruption of the volcano in southern Chile. Now, I think this eruption was the first in a few thousand years or some such thing. These pictures are amazing. I’m not talking about just the pictures of the ash, but I want Koko to go get this story, put it on the website later tonight when we update to reflect the contents of today’s program so you can see these pictures. I wish I could describe them. I’ve never seen anything like this. The amount of ash that was spewed into the atmosphere would dwarf the amount of pollution the United States automobile industry has created since the invention of the automobile. And I say this in the context of there is not a human being on this planet who could be teleported somewhere else in the universe, earth wiped out, and this smart human being, ‘Okay, recreate it. Here’s your chalkboard, here’s your computer, here’s the software, you go design just the climate. I’ll handle everything else.’ God says, ‘You do the climate.’ Folks, there is not enough knowledge, there is not enough understanding; it could not be done. And of course this is obvious.

I’m not trying to be profound here. The reason I bring it up is there is no way on earth we could create this. There isn’t a way we can change it. We can adapt. And see, this is the key. Every living thing adapts to its environment in order to survive. Take human beings, for example. We don’t do well without clothes, right? Especially when it gets cold. Well, in certain circumstances yeah clothes come off, but I’m talking about normal, everyday running-around activities. You live in Minnesota in the wintertime, you need clothes. All right, where do you get them? You have to adapt, right? I mean, the clothing store just didn’t spring up there, it’s not part of God’s creation, is it? Well, yes, it is, but, no, the fabrics, the leathers, shoes, where did those things come from? Other living things. We had to kill them for our own survival. It’s called adapting. A beaver. Talk to anybody that’s had problems with the beavers in the backyard or wherever they had problems with them, they gum up the works because they build dams. They screw everything up. They’re adapting. They’re just trying to survive. Cockroaches, you hate ’em, they’re underneath your sink. It’s like the Clintons. Not even a nuclear war could get rid of them. They survive by adapting.

Every living thing adapts. Okay, so when the colonists first arrived and we got things going, there were 13 colonies. There was a whole country out there that the Indians were in charge of, supposedly at one with nature, wiping out the buffalo, smoking the peace pipe, at war with each other’s nations. Who knows whatever else they were doing out there. But they, too, at one with nature? What do you think the tepee was made out of? I mean, they had to do something, they had to cut trees for fires, stay warm in the winter. Everybody adapts. Now, we, as human beings blessed with a superior intelligence, have the understanding and the knowledge to be stewards over this because we need to continue to have these items that we alter for our survival as our population grows. For example, trees. The most beautiful thing you can do with a tree is after you chop the thing down, you build a house out of it; you build a baseball bat; you build a gorgeous Steinway piano. Broomstick. Any number of things. But guess what? As the population grows and prosperity increases, we’re going to need more broomsticks. Gonna need more houses. You’re going to need more of everything, so you replant the trees.

For every tree you cut down, plant ten for one. We’re not destroying anything, but we’re adapting. It happens throughout life. Everything in life adapts. If it doesn’t adapt, it won’t survive. The beaver doesn’t care what it destroys because it doesn’t have the ability to know. No other living organism has the slightest idea. The cuckoo bird. Cuckoo bird is so damn lazy it won’t build its own nest. It lays its eggs in the nests of others and then flies off and to hell with the babies. Going out making more eggs. You know how they do that. The point is we all have to adapt. The people in Chile, they didn’t cause the volcano. They’re going to have to adapt. They’re going to have to move. They’re going to have to do something, because they can’t stop the volcano. So, to tie this all together, this ash, that stuff that was belched out of the volcano in Chile has more pollution — you wait and see what the cooling effect of this cloud of ash is gonna cause wherever it ends up on this planet, wherever it hovers, Mt. Pinatubo did the same thing. Mt. Pinatubo, in the Philippines, when that thing blew up, the earth’s temperature was cooled for a long time, a long number of years. Of course the environmentalist wackos say, ‘Well, yes, well, that was simply Mother Nature responding to the destructive efforts of man.’ BS.

The Mt. Pinatubo volcano, nor this thing in Chile, has any idea what man is or a where man is or what man’s doing. It doesn’t have a mind of its own. So we can’t create any of this. We couldn’t if we are given all the ingredients. We couldn’t do it. We couldn’t put it together. If God said, ‘Here is everything I did to make your climate, now you put it together so it works.’ No clue. We couldn’t do it. We’ll never be able to do it, and yet we have the vanity and the audacity of hope, to think that we can change it, roll it back, and stop it. In 1984, I’m in Sacramento watching TV, This Week with David Brinkley — I’ve told you this before, couple global warming scientists on there, and they’re just sounding the death knell for the planet: ‘We only got 20 years,’ they said. ‘We can’t prove our contention that manmade global warming is happening, but we think it is, but we can’t afford to wait. Twenty years is all we got. If we don’t take action now, it’s going to be too late.’ It’s 24 years later, right? And they’re still saying the same thing, and we just had the twenty-ninth coldest April in 114 years. The planet has not warmed in the last seven years. They just told us that there’s going to be a natural cooling cycle because ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific is going to delay global warming for 10 or 12 years, meaning it’s going to get cooler, and now this volcano has blown up down there in Chile, you ought to see the pictures. We’re gonna post ’em.

Let me give you the caption to one of these pictures. You know, one of the things I like living in Florida, particularly in the summertime, you go out at night, it’s hot, it’s humid, and you go out there on your deck, and it’s dark, crystal clear where we live, but way out over the ocean, high altitude is the most beautiful electrical thunderstorm, and sometimes far enough away you can’t hear the thunder but you can see the clouds light up and you just sit there in wonder and amazement, and you sip your adult beverage while sweating yourself silly and a little breeze coming off the ocean, and it’s just gorgeous. And you remember what your father told you about thunderstorms, that there’s more power in one thunderstorm, one lightning bolt, if we could harness it, we could provide electricity for New York for a year. Big lightning, big thunderstorm. We don’t know how to harness it because we don’t know how to create it. And when these thunderstorms are coming and lightning, it’s raining, we can’t stop it. Maybe put some lightning arrestors on, but that’s it. I have never seen an electrical thunderstorm out over the ocean like I see in these pictures.

This astonishing picture shows the volcano in Chile erupting during storms in the middle of the night. The electrical storms that they were having, the volcano went up, the volcano caused even more electricity, more lightning as clouds of toxic ash and dust tower into the sky, they ionize the air, generating an explosive electrical storm, colossal forks of lightning spark around the noxious plume as it spews from a volcano’s crater, creating an image of raw terrifying energy as if the air itself were ablaze. The UK Daily Mail from May the 7th. We’ll get this posted. There’s two of these pictures that illustrate this effect and then there are just a bunch of them that show the amount of ash and how thick the cloud is. By the way, one other observation. For those of you buying into this silly compact fluorescent lightbulb scheme, when you look at these pictures from the UK Daily Mail, I want you to try to convince yourself that the type of lightbulb you use matters a hill of beans to anything, when you look at the raw power. And then after you do that, after you ask yourself, after you tell yourself how worthless, how irrelevant, I should say, the kind of lightbulb you use is, I then want to ask you, ‘Are you one of these people that’s bought into this silly notion to unplug your toaster and all of your electronic appliances when you’re not using them?’

You might want to do that to save electricity, that’s fine. But if you’re doing it to save the planet, I want you to take a look these pictures and ask yourself if unplugging your Sunbeam toaster, your Mr. Coffee, your cell phone charger, will matter a hill of beans to the climate of this planet. If you answer yes, you have a serious vanity problem, or worse: Your life is meaningless and you’ll be talked into any scheme or hoax to believe in in order to make you think your life has a purpose, such as saving the planet. You’re simply helping a bunch of socialists tear down the greatest capitalist system on the face of the planet if you go along with this rotgut garbage.


RUSH: Here’s another little story for you. This is from the American Thinker, Bill Tate: ‘Has Big Media Global Warming Bias Begun to Endanger the Public?’ Damn good question. ‘When Maine officials tried to warn residents of the dangers of this winter’s near-record snowpack, Big Media slanted the story, hampering efforts to warn folks of the danger. ‘This winters [sic] near-record snowfall has created a flood potential that is above normal,’ began a news advisory released by the Maine River Flow Advisor Commission on March 6th. ‘Statewide water content readings from this week’s snow survey are some of the highest since 1969, the ‘snow season’ of record, and in some locations higher than the record.’ In case there was any doubt, the banner headline on the release reads: ‘Spring Flood Potential Elevated Due to Near-Record Snowfall.’ However, the lead in the Associated Press story in the next day’s edition of the major regional daily, the Boston Globe, downplayed the threat posed by the snowpack, referring to it as just ‘above-average,’ and shifting the emphasis to concern about an approaching storm. ‘The National Weather Service says weekend rain could cause some flooding of streets and small streams.’ The story does eventually reference ‘near-record snowfall’, in the 13th paragraph of a 17-paragraph story, with a spin that turned the Maine officials’ warning on its head.’

Now, ‘The Globe is owned by the New York Times Company. Both the Times and the Associated Press are heavily invested in the myth of Global Warming, or — as I like to call it — Global Warning. Record snowpack means higher than normal amounts of snow, colder than usual temperatures, or both. None of which readily fits into the MSM’s chosen story line that mankind is giving Mother Nature a fever. Big Media’s Global Warning bias has largely remained in the realm of theory; now it has begun to endanger people’s lives and property in real time. The AP and the Globe had the choice of reporting a truly inconvenient truth — for them — or of perpetuating Global Warning, of facilitating officials’ efforts to protect the public or advancing their ideological agenda. Why are we not surprised by the decision they made?’ It’s a valid question. How many times have you seen all these outrageously extreme kook predictions of all kinds of destruction reported seriously by the Drive-By Media?

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