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RUSH: Angela in El Paso, Texas, glad you called. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hello?

RUSH: Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I was calling because earlier your caller from Miami, you commented to her that you thought liberal hubris prevented liberals from believing conservatives are right. And I actually over the last few years as I’ve watched them in action, I think you’re wrong, I disagree. I think there’s a little voice in the back of their head that’s telling them conservatives are right, I think they’re mad that we have such confidence and that we can back up our confidence with historical successes when conservative policies are followed, and they simply can’t back it up. They don’t have the historical successes to back up the policies they want to put forth.

RUSH: You know, I understand that, and a lot of people think that deep down in their hearts liberals know we’re right. I’m not sure of that because the best way to explain this is, liberals do not use their minds. There’s no logical progression to liberalism. If there were logic involved, it would not exist. Liberalism is born of pure emotion. It’s born of people’s insecurities and their lives having no meaning, and the purpose of liberalism is to tell themselves that they’re good people, they can — all they have to do is say something or feel something, and they consider themselves to be better people than anybody else. They are arrogant; they are condescending. When Barack Obama talks about the bitter clingers, he’s simply echoing what’s taught to kids in the classrooms in this country, particularly on college and university campus.

I saw a story today, CNN was running a special investigative unit, ‘North Korean kids taught to hate the USA.’ I said, ‘So? What’s unique about that? That’s happening right here in the United States.’ You want a good example? How many kids have been forced to watch Gore’s movie? What’s the result of that movie? People, kids, students get mad at this country. We are destroying the planet and the polar bears and the penguins and everything else that’s out there. The idea that the hatred for the USA is not taught in this country is absurd. I think there is an arrogance, a condescension among people like Obama and his university buddies. They are better than anybody else. They are smarter than everybody else. I don’t think for a moment they think that we are right. They are afraid of us, no question.

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