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Rush’s Morning Update: Disaster
May 12, 2008

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Four years ago, over a quarter million people were killed when an earthquake under the Indian Ocean triggered massive tsunamis. At least 11 countries were hit, mostly in Asia. The Drive-By Media here chose to view the disaster through a political prism; they spent weeks blasting President Bush for not acting quickly enough– even though Americaled the world in sending aid and relief (as we always do).

And, of course, Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel is still being used as a political weapon to bash President Bush– despite the failures of local and state governments to evacuate and help their own citizens.

And now the world is witnessing another disaster. A cyclone in Burma has left over a million people homeless,andmaybe as many as 100,000 people deadin that one country alone.

But the ruling communist military junta decided to leave tens of thousands to die or rescue themselvesbecause it feared letting rescue workers into the country. It went so far last week as to seize tons of emergency food and medicines flown in by the United Nations.

Now, there aren’t anywords to accurately describe the horror that over a million Burmese are facing because of the purposefully evil actions of their tyrannical government. And yet there won’t beany Hollywood movies– justlimited outrage from the Drive-By Media, here and abroad. There is, after all, no political gain to be critical in this circumstance.

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