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RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites, ladies and gentlemen. Terry McAuliffe appeared on two shows yesterday, Face the Nation and Meet the Press with Bob Schieffer. First from Face the Nation, Bob Schieffer says, ‘Look, is Mrs. Clinton now picturing herself as the candidate of working-class white people? Is that what she meant to say?’

MCAULIFFE: What she paraphrased was an Associated Press article as you know, but listen, she has reached out from the beginning of this campaign. We’ve received 70-plus percent of the Latino vote in this country. She is — her message has reached out to everybody. Senator Obama has won 92% of the African-American vote, proudly so, they’re proud Senator Obama is running. People have put together different coalitions and her point is I have an ability to go out, I’ve won Ohio, obviously, a lot of the blue-collar working folks, working-class folks have gone out and supported her, if you look at the exit data. But I hate the discussion of race or gender. I think we ought to keep this to the issues.

RUSH: Yeah. Meanwhile, everybody is blaming the Republicans for bringing up race and so forth, and here is The Punk decrying race and gender being discussion items in the race when it’s his campaign that started all this. I mean you go back a year ago, it was the media talking about, is Obama black enough, is he authentic enough. And I’ll tell you, back then the Drive-Bys were in the Hillary camp. No question that was Clinton-campaign inspired. No question. But then there was this giant turnaround. Now we go to Meet the Press. Tim Russert talking to The Punk. Russert says, ‘Bob Herbert, columnist, New York Times, wrote this: ‘The Clintons have been trying to embed that gruesomely destructive message in the brains of white voters and superdelegates for the longest time, to deliberately convey the idea that most working-class white people are unwilling to give an African-American candidate a fair hearing in a presidential election is a slur against whites.”

MCAULIFFE: First of all, Tim, as you know, she was quoting an AP story. In fairness, she was quoting what had been written in the AP. What Hillary was talking about is the coalitions that she has been able to put together that has allowed her to win Texas and Ohio, a lot of working-class folks that come out. I’m not saying that Senator Obama can’t win that at the end of the day. But, you know, we have been both proud of what we have brought to this table. As I say, 16.6 million versus 16.7 million. It is very close.

RUSSERT: But when she uses the phrase ‘hardworking Americans,’ ‘white Americans,’ Mayor Willie Brown, San Francisco, said, ‘She’s saying that white Americans are hardworking Americans.’ A lot of African-Americans took great offense at that.

MCAULIFFE: Yeah. Well, and that’s not what she meant. And she was quoting the AP story. And literally nobody has worked harder, as you know —

RUSSERT: Well, the AP story did not say white Americans were hardworking Americans. Those were her words.

MCAULIFFE: Well, she was paraphrasing the AP story. And, Tim, listen. Both Clintons have worked their whole life on civil rights issues. Hillary her entire life has working on issues on education, on health care. They both have been out there fighting hard. This is the end of a long campaign —

RUSH: Wait, wait, she was quoting an AP story — no, no, no, she was paraphrasing the AP story. A Drive-By Media ace nailing a Clinton campaign official for injecting race in the campaign. Now, I want to warn you, all this will be forgotten once the conventions have come and gone. The fact that there was a racial war in the Democrat Party. As far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, and we’ll be back to the formula, all the racism is on the right side, all the racism is with Republicans, but we have the audio bites, we have the great memory, we have the great archives, and we will not let this be forgotten. One more from Meet the Press. Russert then said, ‘Well, that white-Americans remark drew a swift rebuke from some superdelegates and private dismay from several Democrat Party officials who said that they’re concerned about reuniting this fractionalized party.’

MCAULIFFE: And what you know? I can put up 30, 40 more superdelegates who will say — you know, talk about what the Clintons have done on the race issue. First of all, I hate that even racism is even in the — we should not have them. Shouldn’t have race, we shouldn’t have gender. We ought to talk about who can do the best job uniting this country.

RUSH: All day yesterday on all these Sunday shows it was race, race, race, race, and it was Democrat Drive-By hosts bashing Democrat Drive-By campaign consultants from the Clinton camp on race, race, race. I’m not going to let people forget that the racial strife, that the racial discrimination, that the sexist discrimination was on full display for over a year in the Democrat Party.


RUSH: Before we get outta here I want to offer a sincere salute to Operation Chaos operatives, soldiers, and volunteers. We’ve discussed quite a bit today Mrs. Clinton’s charge that people voting for her are racists, because they’re whites and don’t like Obama. The media has been trying to portray her remarks about ‘hardworking, white Americans’ as a racist comment. That’s you! That’s you. And I know this hasn’t been easy to cross the aisle and vote for the Clintons in the first place, but now to be called racist! Hang in there. This will all be worth it. I salute you. You have my respect. Don’t listen to this stuff.

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