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“No wonder people like Obama can’t get that we’re a great nation. All they’re taught is that the gap between rich and poor causes downturns.”

“H.R. went out and bought a pack of menthol cigarettes, trying to change the statistics so that the government doesn’t appear racist on that.”

“The Democrats are fighting to defeat us. We, at the highest levels of our party, appear to be fighting to join them.”

“Can anybody at the Republican National Committee, in the McCain campaign, or anywhere else; tell me what the consistent agenda is of the Republican Party? No. The head of the party lacks a philosophy.”

“Famous college dropout, Rush Limbaugh, has concluded our first excursion, hour’s excursion into broadcast excellence.”

“Why is it that everybody who wants or needs something from me waits until 12:05 every day to let me know about it?”

“Radical environmentalism, global warming — call it whatever you want — is an agenda born of the 1960s socialism that spread from Europe to the US. It rejects completely the notion of limited constitutional government.”

“Have you noticed that the only people in the world who seem to get blamed for global warming are Americans? The ChiComs don’t get blamed. The British, European Union, they don’t get blamed because they’re already driving around bubble cars. No, it’s only Americans.”

“How can it be that somebody who’s been in the US Senate for whatever number of years, the House before that, now running for president, knows 10% of what I know about something?”

“Obama thinks they speak Arabic in Afghanistan. He said that yesterday in Cape Girardeau. He thinks there are 57 states. This guy is a laughingstock if his last name is Quayle.”

“I want to propose right now we change the term college educated to college brainwashed.”

“The lesson in these Republican losses is that conservatives are fed up with the Republican Party and are fed up with the direction the Republican Party has taken. They have no real option in this election.”

“Another word I’m tired of hearing is ‘maverick,’ ‘independent,’ when describing a Republican. So from now on when you hear the word maverick Republican or independent Republican, I want you to think of one word: selfish.”

“If you’ve heard nothing I’ve said, and I know that’s not possible, you’ve heard everything I said and you’re marveling at it, and you should be. I am myself.”

“When I learned that a mandatory PE course was ballroom dance taught by a drill sergeant in WACs, I just didn’t go. And when my mother found out I wasn’t going, she took away my car. I’m 20 years old, 19, she drove me up to college every day. I mean, it was humiliating.”

“People salivate for invitations to my dinner parties because they know I’m going to be serving Allen Brothers. Once you taste this you’re never going to go back.”

“Yesterday I was doing this program with half my mood tied behind my back. Today it’s a little bit better.”

“On the floor of the Senate, Obama doesn’t want the flag pin on, probably doesn’t want his Democrat buddies to see it, but when he gets on Cape Girardeau in a Republican district, swing state, bammo, time to put the flag pin back on.”

“How in the world is the Democrat Party about to have this degree of an uneducated man run for president of the United States?”

“For a presidential candidate to assess the current US economy, as showing similarities to the Great Depression and what happened in the late twenties and the early thirties, is mind-blowing. I do not know how you come out of Harvard not knowing anything more than this about the Great Depression.”

“As you know, I am a famous college dropout, it was just a question on Jeopardy. And there are many days that I give thanks I didn’t end up in college and had my mind polluted and brainwashed by a bunch of Marxist professors teaching me about how rotten my country is, which is what I think happened to Obama.”

“Obama goes to one of the greatest universities in the world and comes out not knowing diddly-squat about the country that the Democratic Party says he is the best they have to lead it.”

“The power to rid the media of liberalism does not exist.”

“I have warned you countless times, if you are going to define happiness and/or success based on how much of liberalism is trashed and gotten rid of in the mainstream media, you’re going to forever be disappointed. They own it. They will for always and ever be liberal. The idea is to get to the hearts and minds of as many Americans so as to render the Drive-By Media less potent.”

“Look at ratings for cable TV networks that are on the left. You need a magnifying glass to see ’em.”

“I’m mad that my own party wants to cast conservatism aside.”

“Conservatism by itself cannot move things. It needs a political party. In our political structure, it is parties that get things done. The Republican Party was the home of conservatism, and it still is. But the people that run the Republican Party right now are trying to get rid of it. And it’s a death wish.”

“You can look to the future, you can look through the crystal ball, and you can see disaster regardless of any electoral outcome.”

“If the Democrats in the Senate have 57 votes plus three liberal Republicans — and believe me, they’re there — and they effectively have 60 votes, McCain could nominate Jesus Christ and the Democrats could stop him.”

“I don’t care where you go, white people vote for Hillary, black people vote for Obama. This party is so racially divided, gender divided, this party is nowhere near unity. Obama doesn’t have the ability to unify ’em, period. This party is a sitting duck! This is a recipe for a landslide a la 1980. And we’re not taking advantage of it.”

“I think there’s a lot of people in the Republican Party who would be just punchy pleased if they could deemphasize conservatives in that party once and for all, and I frankly think that’s what McCain-Feingold was in part about.”

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