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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a commercial. Some of you may not know, but it’s true, Chevrolet, General Motors, big advertisers here on the EIB Network. And at present, we are driving around one of their new hybrid Chevrolet Tahoes, the Tahoe Hybrid. There’s an argument here among the staff over who gets to use it. Great gas mileage and all this stuff. It’s a genuine SUV. I was a year ago at General Motors a year ago and I saw it, Bob Lutz showed it to me. It was inside the building in the design stage. They were very proud of it. I know you’ve heard me say hybrids this, hybrids that, but this is an SUV. And this is a hog hybrid. This is not an anti-global warming car. This is somebody that wants to spend a little bit less on gasoline, and it does. Anyway, here’s the point. The environmentalist wackos have been after the auto companies. (doing linguine-spined lib impression) ‘That’s right, Mr. Limbaugh, we have, because they’ve been polluting and destroying the planet with these big gas guzzlers and we want to use hybrid cars and vehicles so that people will not destroy the planet, that’s right.’ That’s the voice of the New Castrati.

Okay, so General Motors has done it, and the Boston Globe today with a hit piece on the General Motors Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. ‘Just how green should you feel driving the new Chevy Tahoe Hybrid sport utility vehicle? The eight-passenger vehicle is plastered with ‘hybrid’ labels.’ So? I thought you people in the Drive-Bys and all of you stupid, limp-wristed, linguine-spined liberals loved hybrid this and hybrid that. So it’s plastered with hybrid labels. ‘An automobile magazine panel that included the executive director of The Sierra Club named it the ‘Green Car of the Year.” A woman wrote the story, Beth Daley, not that she’s a woman, just a sweetie, ‘But the Tahoe gets only about 20 miles per gallon – not much better than the nonhybrid Honda Pilot SUV, which also seats eight. The celebrated Toyota Prius,’ which is not an SUV, this is missing the point. This car, this SUV got down here to south Florida from Orlando on less than a quarter of a tank. It doesn’t use gasoline all the time. It goes back and forth, from battery to gasoline. There’s a little gadget in there where you can see this.
Let me go to the end of the article here. ‘As for the Tahoe Hybrid, Don Butler, executive director for truck marketing for Chevrolet, said the vehicle is for people who are going to buy plus-size SUVs anyway. But now, he said, they have an option to get much better gas mileage — on par with the Toyota Camry. ‘It’s not like this is the one silver bullet,’ Butler said. The company is working on many other energy-efficient vehicles, he added. Ron Cogan, president and CEO of Green Car Journal and greencar.com, which declared the Tahoe the Green Car of the Year, said the vehicle was chosen in part because the technology the company used would have reverberations throughout the industry.’ The point of my telling you this is, you’ve got these people who are restricting liberty and freedom and handcuffing the free market, demanding all these things, and they get it, and it’s never enough. This is the same with all of liberalism. Whatever you give them, it won’t be enough.

So when McCain, if he’s elected president, and he’s working with 70 Democrat majority in the House and a seven majority in the Senate, and he’s gonna work with them, because (doing McCain impression) ‘We’re all Americans. We’re all friends. We’re not from different countries, my friends, we’re all Americans.’ So he’s going to give them what they want. It’s never enough. It is never enough. These busybodies who ought to mind their own business have their heads shoved up an orifice that the sun doesn’t shine into get the hell out of everybody’s life. America is not destroying anything. We are saving the planet and will do more so if you just leave us alone. We’re already capitulating here and capitulating there, and it still isn’t enough for these people, whose job — apparently their reason for living — is to just hassle and bother everybody else.

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