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Rush’s Morning Update: Battleground
May 16, 2008

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You know, North Carolina voters are usually ignored by Beltway pundits during election cycles. This year’s high-profile primary was the exception, because of the Democrats’ ongoing uncivil war.

But there are at least two reasons conservatives interested in winning ought to take note of events in North Carolina. The first is the state Republican Party’s refusal to be intimidated by the Drive-Bysand Senator McCaininto pulling an ad. The ad, as you recall, linked Obama-supporting Democrats with the JeremiahWright controversy. Funds and support poured infrom like-minded conservatives all over the country who want to see their side wage aggressive, winning campaigns.

The second reason has to do with this little-noticed development. Last year, liberals in North Carolina– led by the Democrat governor– pushed through a policy allowing illegal immigrants to attend the state’s community colleges with the same tuition discounts in-state residents receive. There was outrage at the time; the Democrats assumed it would peter out. But conservatives didn’t forget– and they’ve been pounding it as an election-year issue against Democrats.

Well, suddenly, this week, the state of North Carolinareversed itself and took away the benefitsillegal immigrants getuntil the federal government rules on the matter.

Now, this is exactly what happens when conservatives go on offense, and present voters with an unabashed, unapologetic contrast to liberalism. This is what happens when conservatives fight to defeat liberals– not appease them. Conservatives win. Period. Try it sometime, the rest of you!

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