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Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, is suggesting that Republicans may cheat Barack Obama in November. Brad Wilmouth at NewsBusters.org website has this. Republicans are going to cheat Obama. The racism, the sexism, the misogyny, all of the irregularities are occurring in the Democrat primary. All of these exit polls, people saying they’re not going to vote for Obama, not going to elect a black president, these are Democrats that are saying this. Hillary’s supporters are saying if she loses they’re not voting Obama, vice-versa. These are Democrats saying this. You know, it’s getting bad for NBC. MSNBC, NBC, they’re working in the same building out at 30 Rock. I think it would be better off if everybody at NBC just put on the official Democrat Party insignia, screw the American flag lapel pin and just put on a donkey. You know, the women can wear a donkey brooch, the male reporters could put a donkey little lapel pin in their suit jackets and just make it official here. They’re just the house organ of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party: racist and sexist. I mean, that’s what you take away from listening to Obama and Hillary.

I continue to marvel at this. Obama has lost five of the last seven primaries. He has won two major primaries since February 22nd, Oregon and North Carolina. He has not won enough delegates to be the nominee. But that hasn’t stopped the media from reporting these false accomplishments that are fed to them by the Obama campaign, such as Obama now has a majority of the delegates. Well, big whoop. A majority of the delegates doesn’t mean anything, so they keep changing the scenario; they keep changing the narrative. Obama was crushed in Kentucky. He is doing worse in key demographics than ever before, and they report the night as a big win for him. Now, folks, I want you to listen to me. I want you to look at me because I’m going to tell you the truth about all this. The Democrat Party superdelegates know they have huge trouble here. They’ve got big trouble, they know full well. By the way, the Democrat Party thrives and lives on polling. They trust it, they believe it. This exit poll information is not good, even from places like Oregon. I mean, he lost Kentucky by, what, 35 points; he lost West Virginia by 40-some-odd points. These are states that have a significant population of what Democrats call blue-collar workers. They are white, and they are abandoning Obama in droves, and there’s nothing to indicate they’re going to come back to the Democrat Party. They believe that all this will be put to bed at the convention and they’ll unify and by the time we get down to November and focus on the real enemy, John McCain, that this will all happen.

But there is so much anger out there among Hillary Clinton’s feminist voters, exactly as I predicted, we’ve got audio sound bites today to prove this and to back it up. They have huge problems. They’re not going to pull the nomination away from him. They don’t have the guts, and they don’t have the courage to do that. But Mrs. Clinton’s not getting out of this, and I heard somebody with a good analogy. In the world of sports, a football game, if you’re down by 20 points with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, you don’t quit, you play the game out, baseball, any sport you want to name, you don’t quit until the game’s officially over. But here these NBC Democrat Party reporters, everybody else in the Drive-By Media is telling Mrs. Clinton to get out, and she is not going to do it. We’ll have the audio sound bites to back up all of this, and finally the Clinton campaign taking the advice of me, Rush Limbaugh, the commander-in-chief of US Operation Chaos on how to deal with Florida and Michigan. Both Howard Wolfson, Terry McAuliffe, The Punk, and even Mrs. Clinton herself spouting verbatim in some cases advice I gave them back on May the 7th two weeks ago.


RUSH: Okay, where are we in this Democrat primary? Operation Chaos, folks, has worked exactly as planned and has competed every one of our strategic objectives. The Democrat Party, it now has been displayed — it’s now been shown to everybody — has two very flawed candidates. The Democrat Party knows it, so does the Drive-By Media. And the efforts of Operation Chaos have helped to demonstrate it by having this play out as it has for as long as it has with no end in sight. Mrs. Clinton has now adopted the advice given to her on this program by me. Let’s let you hear that advice. May 7th on this program, this is what I said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Mrs. Clinton needs to demand counting the popular vote in Michigan and Florida. She needs to demand this. She then perhaps should do what liberals always do in the end, and take the whole matter to court. As for the votes in Michigan and Florida, I have a question: Will the Democrat Party become the party of disenfranchisement? Will it become the party that denies millions of people the right to participate in their own electoral process? Will it become the party where some votes count more than others? Will the Democrat Party become the party of backroom deals? The Justice Department Civil Rights Division should investigate the Democrat Party’s rules and Mrs. Clinton should call for this. Those rules disenfranchise millions of voters, including minority voters in Michigan and Florida — and the Democrats are very concerned about the minority vote, and there’s a bunch of minorities in Florida and Michigan whose votes are not going to matter a hill of beans to the nomination process.

RUSH: So in Mrs. Clinton’s victory speech in Kentucky, last night in Louisville, Mrs. Clinton said…

HILLARY: (applause) I’m going to keep standing up for the voters of Florida and Michigan. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Yeeeeeeah!

HILLARY: Democrats in those two states cast 2.3 million votes, and they deserve to have those votes counted. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Oh, wow!

HILLARY: And that’s why I’m going to keep making our case until we have a nominee, whoever she may be. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton last night in Louisville taking up the advice presented to her by me, Rush Limbaugh, Commander-in-Chief Operation Chaos. Then McAuliffe hit the talking point and uses the ‘disenfranchisement’ word last night on Fox News Election Headquarters. Steve Brown spoke with The Punk and said, ‘Can you give us an idea of what the race is going to look like? Obviously, you’ve got money in the bank to go after these folks.’

MCAULIFFE: We have 13 days left to campaign, and we have Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Montana. A big day, of course, May 31st, the DNC rules and bylaws hears Florida and Michigan. I believe they’re going to count ’em. We’re not going to disenfranchise two of our key states. There’s no question that 2.3 million people came out and voted in those states — and, you know what? More people have voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for Senator Barack Obama today.

RUSH: And they continue the theme. So even, my friends, when I am away for a couple of days, I remain a huge factor in the Democrat primary race; now advising the Clinton campaign. Even Howard Wolfson last night on CNN, Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Wolf said,’We heard Senator Clinton speak a little bit about it in her remarks to her supporters in Louisville. When all is said and done, it’s basically based on the assumption that Michigan and Florida, the Democrat Party will rule on that May 31st that those delegates there will in fact be seated.’

WOLFSON: Well, we do believe that Michigan and Florida will be seated exactly as the good people of those states voted. It’s about whether or not the Democratic Party is going to exclude two states from its nominating convention, and it’s about whether the Democratic Party is going to be true to its principles of making sure that every vote is counted.

RUSH: (laughter) Folks, I just love it! This is just… (laughter) Not only does Operation Chaos keep her alive but now this program is providing them the ammo and the talking points keeping them alive.

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