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RUSH: I mentioned earlier in the program that we have now succeeded in introducing a new term into the popular vernacular, as we have introduced the term feminazi and Uglo-American. Now Hillary’s testicle lockbox has made it into the popular vernacular. Friday, Hardball, Chris Matthews, talking with Michelle Bernard about the Democrat primary. She’s the president of the Independent Women’s Voice, and Matthews says, ‘Fickle nature of this campaign. Twenty-four hours you have down in Washington, what a difference a day makes, you know, one day.’

BERNARD: Whether the president was actually talking about Obama and the Democrats or not, it was a great gift. It gave Obama the ability to go out on the offensive and start giving the American public what his foreign policy credentials are going to look like, and that’s something he needs to do. We always have people talking about Hillary Clinton having this great testicular lockbox and she opens it and closes it and she’s looking very powerful —

MATTHEWS: Testicular lockbox?

BERNARD: Yes. Yes.

MATTHEWS: Is that a metaphor?

BERNARD: Where have you been?

RUSH: ‘Where have you been?’ Matthews apparently has not heard of the testicle lockbox or the testicular lockbox. Michelle Bernard obviously a fan, the EIB Network introducing the term to Chris Matthews. That’s one thing, he should know it because he’s had experience with the testicle lockbox. He made the statement that the only reason she got elected senator is because her husband cheated on her, and then the Clinton campaign lowered the boom and the lid on the testicle lockbox and Matthews had to apologize. I mean, he’s had experience with the thing and professes not to know anything about it.


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