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RUSH: Here is Loretta in North Scituate.


RUSH: Yeah, Rhode Island. How are you?

CALLER: It’s a pleasure.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I heard you earlier saying that she’s listening to you. What if we suggest to her — we all know how bad she wants to be president — if we can get her to come middle of the road.

RUSH: Wait, wait, oh, I’m sorry. I misunderstood you. Yes, keep going.

CALLER: Because I hate McCain, you know what’s going to happen with the House and Senate once the Democrats come in to get McCain, don’t like Obama, maybe if we can get her to sway a little bit as far as the borders, to promise to keep the tax cuts the way they are, we know they’re not going to do anything in Iraq, she’s not going to do anything, and also as far as promising the people drilling. Now, this is hurting both Democrats and Republicans, what’s going on in the country. Maybe if she sees the light on this and goes a little bit middle of the road —

RUSH: Loretta? Loretta?


RUSH: You know, I’m sitting here and I’m in stunned disbelief and amazement.


RUSH: I don’t believe what I’m hearing. You’re actually telling me you think that we would have more ability to influence the policies of Hillary Clinton than we would John McCain?

CALLER: Yes, because she wants it bad enough, yes.

RUSH: Well, she’ll say anything to get it but how do we know that once she gets into office she won’t screw us?

CALLER: I don’t know. I think I’ll give her a little bit of a doubt. I mean, I’m a big, big Republican. Ever since Jimmy Carter I turned Republican. I would never vote for another Democrat again. That was my thing.

RUSH: Well, then wait a minute, it sounds like you would vote for Hillary if we could bend her —

CALLER: If we could get Hillary to promise that she would do these things for us.

RUSH: I don’t believe this. Folks, do you hear what I’m hearing out there? This is a woman, a Republican who’s been a Republican since Jimmy Carter, and wants me to do my best to influence Hillary —

CALLER: Well, you’re influencing her now! You’re helping her.

RUSH: You don’t want McCain.

CALLER: I hate McCain.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Just to hear him talk, the things he’s done. He fought the president. I hate McCain. I couldn’t vote for McCain.

RUSH: He hasn’t been a loyal Republican.

CALLER: No. And as far as Bush, I mean I know how you feel. I think Bush was a wuss of a president. He was not a leader. That’s why the country is in the condition that it’s in now. These past four years have been miserable with him.

RUSH: Well, you know, a lot of people think that the president has not provided conservative leadership. I would agree with you on that. He’s not a conservative.

CALLER: Terrible.

RUSH: He’s conservative now and then, but he’s not a conservative.


RUSH: And he has not been leading a movement, I’ll agree with you on that.

CALLER: Any kind of a movement.

RUSH: I know. I know. I know. I know. I’m sitting here trying to agree with you on this. But in terms of providing leadership, let me tell you, have you seen the latest news out of Sadr City in Basra?

CALLER: Rush I want to tell you something.

RUSH: Wait a minute. I’m just telling you, the media is not talking about it. There is overwhelming, resounding success to report coming out of Iraq and we’ve got a news report today that terrorism, worldwide terrorism deaths down 40%. Somebody’s provided leadership on that.

CALLER: Rush, you know what? There will never be peace in that region of the country, ever, ever, ever. It’s in the Bible, it will never be, ever, and this is maybe a temporary thing, fine, next year, maybe they know, hey, maybe if we do like this, Hillary will get in, things will change, who knows, who knows what their thinking is. I don’t. I mean, I hope, but I feel bad to think all these servicemen went out there and killed themselves, for what? It will never be. It’ll never be peace. That’s my belief.

RUSH: Well, I’m a little bit more optimistic than you are. I know you’re saying that these people basically have a warring tradition amongst themselves.

CALLER: It will never change.

RUSH: We’ll see.

CALLER: By the way, I made myself an honorary — what do you call your women — oh, my God —

RUSH: Degree?

CALLER: No, no, no, no.

RUSH: Mink glove?

CALLER: No, no. Women, what do you call those women that call you, your — my mind is gone —

RUSH: Oh, honorary mistress, the honorary —

CALLER: Mistress from Rhode Island, Rush!

RUSH: Okay. Honorary North —

CALLER: North Scituate.

RUSH: — Rhode Island mistress. All right.

CALLER: But I hope if maybe you can do a little bit of whatever, who knows what may sway her because she —

RUSH: I’ll handle it. I’ll take care of it.

CALLER: All right, sweetie.

RUSH: I appreciate it, thanks very much, Loretta. She called me sweetie? That’s cool. She’s optimistic about Hillary but not Iraq, not optimistic about McCain, hates McCain, hates McCain, thinks I can change Hillary’s mind on things. I can understand why she would think that. I mean on May 7th, I go back and I say here’s the strategy, and they’re in the process here of rolling it out.

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