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RUSH: The Queen Bee Syndrome has reared its head once again in our nation’s capital where Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, wants nothing to do with Mrs. Clinton leaving the Senate. She wants Mrs. Clinton not on the ticket; she doesn’t want Mrs. Clinton as the nominee. Last night on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, the fill-in anchor Judy Woodruff spoke to the Queen Bee, Nancy Pelosi. Here’s the question: ‘In fact, Senator Clinton said she’s very much still in the fight. She’s emphasizing the fact that if you count those disputed votes in Michigan and Florida, she’s ahead in the popular vote.’

PELOSI: How delegates are selected is by a process and the person who has the most delegates becomes the nominee of the party. It’s not been about the popular vote. And the — so we can have an elementary discussion if you wish, but at the end of the day, someone will have the winning number of delegates. Delegate vote is the currency of the realm at the Democratic National Convention.

RUSH: Thereby proving what I have been maintaining since May 7th, and that is, those of you Democrats who voted in the primaries, you have just been told you are worth (blowing a raspberry) by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House. Your votes don’t count. It’s a delegate process, and the delegate process, the delegate vote, is the currency of the realm at the Democrat National Convention. They are perfectly willing — she is anyway — to keep Mrs. Clinton out of the White House in any way, shape, manner, or form to disenfranchise Democrat voters. This is coming from the top of the Democrat Party, Howard Dean — Howard ‘George Wallace’ Dean — Nancy Pelosi. I’m telling you, this is one of the greatest acts of disenfranchisement of voters since the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Mrs. Clinton is right to compare this to ancient suffrage battles and slavery, poll taxes and the like, even though I suggested she do it, I nevertheless agree with her. Here is more from Nancy Pelosi. Judy Woodruff said, ‘Senator Clinton and her supporters have indicated they think there’s been sexism aimed at her on the part of the press, on the part of people who don’t support her. Have you seen this in the campaign?’

PELOSI: Senator Clinton is bigger than all of that. You know, she’s a great leader in our country. I’ve not been in her shoes in terms of running for president, I don’t know what her campaign has experienced, and quite frankly I don’t watch that much television to compare and contrast who’s handling the campaign one way or another. But let’s reject sexism, let’s reject racism, should that be part of these campaigns as well and just say we want the best possible person, whoever that may be.

WOODRUFF: How much of a setback will it be for women in politics if she doesn’t win?

PELOSI: I don’t think it’s a setback at all. I think we have to look at how far women have come in this presidential election. A woman is down to the wire in contention for the presidential nominee.

RUSH: Did you hear that? Did you hear that, ladies and gentlemen? You women, the women for Hillary, did you hear that? It’s not a setback at all. Look how close you got. Why, this is groundbreaking, Nancy Pelosi says. This is groundbreaking. This is not a setback at all. Now, you Clinton women, you people supporting Hillary know full well there’s not another woman out there on the horizon to fulfill your dream of becoming president of the United States in your lifetime; and you’ve just heard a leading feminist in Washington say, hey, this is great, this isn’t a setback. Misogyny isn’t a setback; sexism is not a setback, because Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care about you women, she cares about herself.

She wants to be the most powerful woman in Washington. She doesn’t want Hillary Clinton anywhere near there. This is even adding more weight to my charge that the Democrats are on the verge of choosing somebody illegitimate to be their nominee.

(playing of Nancy Pelosi energy spoof)

While at the same time engineering a fraudulent nomination, their presidential candidate, the illegitimate Barack Obama, winner by virtue of not counting the votes.

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