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RUSH: Let’s talk about the religion of liberalism for just a second, ladies and gentlemen. What do liberals believe? Well, among other things — listen to me on this — what do liberals believe? They believe that a woman is more than just being a mom at home. It’s what they say they believe. They believe that a woman is every bit as qualified to hold public office as a man. They believe that premarital sex and sex by teenagers is normal, natural, and we shouldn’t try to stop it because we can’t stop it, they’re going to have sex. They want to deal with it by having sex education in the schools. Liberals say they believe that a woman should have a choice over whether she kills her baby or not, and liberals believe it’s nobody’s business to question that choice. Correct?

Okay, now, that’s what they say they believe. But now here they are pretending that they actually believe the following in order to get elected by tearing down Governor Palin and her family. I just went through with you what they believe. Here’s what they are pretending they actually believe, that a woman cannot responsibly be more than a mother in her home, she can’t do both, women can’t do both, according to the new priests and priestesses of liberalism, she can’t work outside the home and be a mother. They’re pretending to believe that a mother, Sarah Palin, who is a mother of small children, must not hold public office and must step aside so that a man, Obama, who is a father of small children, can hold higher office. They think a woman, ‘Get out of the way. This is Barry’s turn. We’re in the Beltway class. You’re getting in our way. You shouldn’t be running for office.’

They are pretending to believe that premarital sex by a teenager — Palin’s daughter — is terrible, awful, and indeed so horrible the mother must be hounded off the national stage, while they tell everybody else that premarital sex is wonderful, there’s love involved, we should give them condoms. We certainly shouldn’t try to stop it because we can’t stop it. But now it’s all of a sudden they’re pretending they think it’s horrible. Liberals are pretending that a woman, Palin’s daughter, should have had the abortion. And here liberals are now pretending that a woman, Sarah Palin, should have had the abortion, given her Down syndrome fetus. And liberals are pretending that it is in the national interest and the common good to denounce both of these women for their choices, to give birth and to give birth and to work outside the home and to get married and to raise a family. Liberals are trying to make us believe they believe this, and all of this is to serve their religion. Their religion is getting elected. The major sacrament to the religion of liberalism is abortion.

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