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RUSH: Get ready if you missed any of this and you might have because it was the Labor Day weekend. Last night on CNN’s The Situation Room the reporterette, the info babe Kyra Phillips has been sent to Alaska to dig up dirt in hopes of destroying Sarah Palin. In this report, she quotes the pro-abortion crowd’s talking points on abstinence education.

PHILLIPS: The governor has gone on the record and said that she is in full support of abstinence, and that she doesn’t believe in contraception on school grounds and sex education. We had a chance to actually talk to someone just a short time ago that’s involved with the Alliance for Reproductive Justice, and this is an organization that says, ‘Abstinence doesn’t work. We’ve got to have better sex education in schools, and this is just one example, this just underscores the pregnancy of the governor’s daughter to why we need sex education in schools.’

RUSH: Anything they can do to advance a destructive liberal agenda. Abstinence works every time it’s tried. So here’s Kyra Phillips out to advance extreme wacko liberalism, make sure that the schools now are not harmed by the elevation of Sarah Palin — liberal control of the schools — and at the same time destroy Mrs. Palin herself. Now, Blitzer then spoke to Drug Tsar Bill Bennett about Palin. Blitzer said, ‘Bill, there’s another story, really, totally unrelated, a bitter divorce, a bitter custody battle involving her ex-brother-in-law and sister and the charge being she called this commissioner, she pressured him in effect to go ahead and fire the trooper. He says that publicly. The trooper was never fired. She denies there was any inappropriate political pressure from the governor to go ahead and fire her ex-brother-in-law.

BENNETT: That first piece of attack journalism, Wolf, I gotta speak to. We all praised Barack Obama, myself included, for saying, do not use the case of this child to start to beat up Sarah Palin and to use this as an opportunity to make points for the Center for Reproductive Pregnancy. That was really out-and-out outrageous, and that should not happen on CNN.

RUSH: Bill Bennett, who works at CNN, he is a contributing analyst, ripping Kyra Phillips for her report. Now, on a later report Kyra Phillips was not finished. She’s on Anderson Cooper 180 and here’s a portion of an exchange between Anderson Cooper and Kyra Phillips.

PHILLIPS: Can she be a mom and have five children and keep care of that home and also be the vice president of the United States?

COOPER: It’s interesting that you hear people saying, ‘Well, can she care for her family and her children and also be vice president?’ You never hear those questions being asked about a man, I mean I don’t know if this is sexist or simply a double standard, but I have yet to hear Barack Obama asked, ‘Well, can you be a father, take care of your family and also be president of the United States?’

RUSH: Wait a minute. What about the big story we have about Joe Biden? Joe Biden, who had the tragic auto accident and he was in the Senate and he was taking care of his boys and he got up and fed ’em breakfast, and he did it, nobody ever said he shouldn’t go to the Senate. You want to talk sexism? It’s to be found in the Democrat Party, the American left, and the Drive-By Media. And you people, some of you laughed at me when I made these predictions on Friday. You said that I was going over the top, that the left would not attack her for giving birth to a Down syndrome child and you said that the left would not attack her for going to work while having a Down syndrome baby and other children. And they’re doing worse than that. What they’re doing, it’s fascinating to watch this to me, because as I have pointed out in the past, Obama, affirmative action has come back to rear its head and bite Democrats. The Democrat nomination of 2008 was Hillary Clinton’s; it was to be a coronation. What happened? Affirmative action came along. And the young, cool, good willing, well spoken dweeb, minority dweeb, gets the nomination. And now everything they have been telling women to do, Sarah Palin has done, except get abortions. It’s the only thing she hasn’t done that they advise women to do. And they have to destroy her because she puts the myth and the lie to liberalism and feminism.


RUSH: This is DNCTV this morning, Joe Scarborough’s show with Mika Brzezinski and the cohost Willie Geist along with Pat Buchanan. Scarborough says, ‘Robert Wexler,’ a carpetbagger congressman from Maryland, who represents Florida, ‘accused Palin of ‘supporting ‘a Nazi sympathizer…” (sigh) ‘Robert Wexler,’ Democrat, Maryland, who claims to live in Florida, ‘accused Palin of supporting a Nazi sympathizer, then it came out that she didn’t even support Pat Buchanan; that in 2000 she supported somebody else, but then here’s the troubling part. The Obama campaign put out a press release where they called Pat Buchanan ‘a Nazi sympathizer.’ Now, if this is the politics of hope and this is the politics of change, then I’d rather go back to the politics of old, because that’s as sleazy a gutter attack as I have ever heard,’ and then Scarborough added this:

SCARBOROUGH: What’s the Obama spokesman’s name? We want to call this jackass out, too.

GEIST: Mark Bubriski.

BRZEZINSKI: Mark Bubriski.

SCARBOROUGH: Hey, Mark? Get a life. You know what? You’re not running for county commissioner —

BRZEZINSKI: M’yeeeeah.

SCARBOROUGH: — for Cook County anymore. You’re running for president of the United States. Stop being a little kid. If you want to write for Daily Kos, go write for Daily Kos. If you want to put America in the gutter, then keep it up. You are a pathetic human being, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

RUSH: Spokesman Mark Bubriski was the one who passed this comment along with Palin supporting a Nazi sympathizer. Then Pat Buchanan — who is an employee of MSNBC, where he was besmirched as a Nazi sympathizer — had this to say.

BUCHANAN: To suggest that I sympathize with the evil regime about which I in that book which was responsible for so many crimes — not only against Jews, but against Slavs and everyone in Europe — is just outrageous. They’re tying me to Sarah Palin and they’re saying this is evil. Frankly, it’s done from the Jewish community down there in Palm Beach. But if they do that, you end the moratorium on Reverend Jeremiah Wright because Barack Obama’s pastor and spiritual advisor for 15 years did run an anti-Semitic church, does run an anti-white church, and has engaged in racist rants.

RUSH: Exactly right! Hello, J. Wright. Well, J. Wright inserted himself back into things recently anyway with the comment that this ‘young boy,’ when he’s elected, Obama ‘will have a black woman sleeping in the White House for the first time legally.’ About October, we’ll be reliving what old J. Wright had to say during the course of the last number of years from the pulpit of his church. They have reached the bottom of the barrel.


RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites and this, Snerdley, is where I win the bet — or offer audio proof of winning the bet — that I made with you on Friday. An astounding conversation this morning on DNCTV, Scarborough talking with Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist and Ruth Marcus, the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and Jonathan Alter. Mika Brzezinski says, ‘Ruth and Eugene had pieces in today, and part of it evolved out of a conversation we were having. I can’t wait to hear how it evolved into your piece today because it’s an interesting discussion and debate,’ and then Ruth Marcus chimes in with this.

MARCUS: I wrote about what Governor Palin was thinking when she knew her 17-year-old daughter was pregnant and decided to accept the vice presidential nomination, and my first comment was: ‘How could you go ahead and do this? You’re exposing this poor child, who’s already in a terrible situation — not, probably, of her own choosing, to a lot of attention. You don’t need to focus like that at a time like this.’

RUSH: Poor child, already in a terrible situation. Yes, she’s pregnant, and pregnant at 17. She’s ‘in a terrible situation, probably not of her own choosing.’ What does that mean? She was raped? I know what it means. In Ruth Marcus’ world, Sarah Palin’s daughter wants to get an abortion but Sarah Palin and her dad won’t let her, and so she doesn’t even want the baby. The Drive-Bys are saying she doesn’t want the baby. I will explain again why Ruth Marcus is wrong and I will answer the question. ‘How could you go ahead and do this?’ meaning accept the vice presidential nomination?’ Because she’s a classy lady, Ms. Marcus, and she’s a loving mother, and she doesn’t want to saddle her 17-year-old daughter with the lifelong burden of the reason her mom didn’t get to be vice president.

She’s thinking of her daughter as well as of herself and her country. This is so easy. For people that have standard traditional American values, this is a no-brainer. Imagine the opposite. Imagine, ‘No, Senator McCain, I can’t accept your nomination. My 17-year-old is pregnant. My 17-year-old’s messed up my life, I — I — I — I can’t do it.’ You know that the Drive-Bys will try to ferret out, ‘Why didn’t she accept it?’ and they would be dumping on her from the opposite side of the street. It’s very simple. She doesn’t want to burden her daughter, as I explained. Then here’s where they blame her for taking the plane while pregnant.

BRZEZINSKI: ‘I think she’s here representing a progressive new woman similar to Michelle Obama, who I think is a very modern woman.’ Wait a second, now. What about that? You know, Michelle Obama’s got two little girls and she went to work at the hospital, at the University of Chicago. She left the kids at home. What’s the difference here? Michelle Obama’s a pretty modern woman, and Sarah Palin’s an old-fashioned twit? What is this? Anyway, the rest of the question from Mika Brzezinski, ‘She’s representing a progressive new woman similar to Michelle Obama who I think is a very modern woman, but in this case, I mean, Sarah Palin reportedly went back to work several days after having a baby. I thought it was brave, six weeks.’

ROBINSON: Three days.

MARCUS: Uhhh. Three.

BRZEZINSKI: Three days —

MARCUS: Three. Days.

ROBINSON: Three days!

ALTER: Stop.

MARCUS: — and she got on the plane while she was in labor.

ROBINSON: (cackling) Nuts!

ALTER: See, but that’s —

ROBINSON: Okay, I’m sorry. And, uh, you know, with all respect —

ALTER: She’s governor.

ROBINSON: Govern Palin is a — is a — is an amazing woman, but isn’t that crazy?


ROBINSON: Isn’t that crazy to get on an airplane when you’re in labor?

BRZEZINSKI: Um… I don’t know about that.

SCARBOROUGH: What’s the deal with that?

RUSH: It is what it is. These people are telling us exactly who they are, and it becomes — if you let yourself, you’d be infuriated by it more and more each time hear it, but trust me on this, folks. This is the Wellstone memorial times ten, it’s going to backfire if they keep this up; this is rallying all kinds of people to Sarah Palin. And, by the way, Susan Reimer, yesterday’s Baltimore Sun: ‘A Woman — But Why This Woman? …You want to look like a maverick and like you think outside the box? Pick a woman for a running mate. You want to look good to the evangelicals? Choose a running mate with a Down syndrome child. (When James Dobson, the conservative Christian radio host who fancies himself a kingmaker, jumped up to say that the selection of Palin means he can now ‘pull the lever’ for John McCain, I almost felt sick,’ wrote Susan Reimer. ‘I don’t know what I’ll do if she trots out the story of her 5-month-old baby to shore up the Republican base.)’

What, it’s okay for Obama to trot out all his family, it’s all okay for Biden to trot out his family, but it’s not okay for Palin to trot out her family? And there’s more to this. ‘Champion high school athlete, beauty queen. Married to her high school sweetheart. Car-pooling supermom who went from PTA activist to mayor of her tiny … Alaskan town. Fisherman, sportswoman, hunter. Speaks truth to power in a state corrupted by oil. Has a son headed to Iraq. A woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled.’ I’m just telling you here. This is Susan Reimer yesterday in the Baltimore Sun. This is where you lost the bet.

Alan Colmes posted a similar thing on his blog and took it down after awhile: ‘a woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled.’ After writing this: ‘Fisherman, sportswoman, hunter. Speaks truth to power in a state corrupted by oil. Has a son headed to Iraq. A woman who made the decision to carry to term a baby she knew to be developmentally disabled. She makes John McCain, Naval Academy graduate, fighter pilot and prisoner of war, look like just another grouchy, old, rich white guy. Oh. Right. He is.’ Susan Reimer. They’re bitter, they are angry, they are fit to be tied out there ’cause they know they’ve got nobody like her in the Democrat Party.


RUSH: One more audio sound bite, and then I will lay out for you brilliantly as only I can the contradictions of the American left on feminism and liberalism. Last night, CNN’s Election Center, the host Campbell Brown said this about the news that Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant.

BROWN: In an ideal world, it would be private. But, you know, this is a presidential campaign, and nothing is private. The world is watching. And if we, you know, as much as everyone might want to give this young woman her privacy, you know that’s not going to happen. And so you do risk putting her through an incredibly difficult process by accepting this job if you’re her mother.

RUSH: So she shouldn’t have accepted the job. She shouldn’t have accepted the job because she’s subjecting the daughter to an unending, relentless media act of destruction. Campbell Brown admits it, hey, we don’t care, we’re going to try to destroy the daughter; we’re going to try to destroy the mother, so she shouldn’t have put her there. Why am I wasting my breath? Liberal women are not going to understand this. She doesn’t want to give her daughter a lifelong burden of being the reason why her mom didn’t accept the invitation, the offer to be vice president.

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