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Rush’s Morning Update: Contemptible
September 3, 2008

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Within minutes of John McCain announcing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate,The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama, The Most Merciful’s campaign launched their first attack. In a statement, spokesman Bill Burton accused McCain of putting a “former mayor of a town of 9,000, with zero foreign policy experience, a heartbeat away from the presidency.”It’s that small-town “bitter clingers” view of the world,of course, you see.
Over the long holiday weekend,the attacks intensified. Liberal bloggers spread rumors the youngest child of Governor Palin was, in fact, not her child– but her daughter’s. When Governor Palin responded,disclosing her unwed 17-year-old daughter was expecting a child of her own,the Drive-By Media could barely containits glee.
The attack stories exploded. Some questioned if Governor Palin had been honest during the vetting process– which of courseshe had.Others attacked Pailn for accepting the nomination when she had a Down syndrome baby and a pregnant teenager.For example, CNN Drive-By info-babe,Kyra Phillips, questioned if Palincould fufill her responsibility as a mom with young kidsand be Vice President at same time.
All of these attacks– from Camp Obama, liberal bloggers, and the Drive-Bys– have a singular objective, and that isto destroy Sarah Palin and her family. And toward that end, nothing is — or will be — off limits. Don’t doubt me on this.
But you liberals… keepthis up! Keep showing America “feminism” is meant for liberal women only. And keep showing us what vile, contemptiblepeople you really are. Bring it on.

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