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RUSH: I think more and more here about Sarah Palin. You know, unlike Hillary Clinton, she really has built her own political career. She is more of an independent woman than Hillary Clinton ever was. She has done this totally on her own. Camille Paglia, a big Obamaite, and, as you know, I have tremendous respect for Camille Paglia, Camille Paglia said that Sarah Palin’s speech with McCain last week was the best by a woman in US politics that she has ever heard. Paglia said she was reeling, that Palin just might become the first female US president. Now, Camille Paglia is one of the smart liberals, one of the smart Democrats. I will guarantee you there are others in the Drive-Bys and in the Democrat Party who see the same thing that Camille Paglia sees, but they have got to try to destroy Sarah Palin to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Obama’s bounce, max six points in one poll? Max six points? Wait ’til Palin speaks tomorrow night in St. Paul at the Republican convention.


RUSH: For all this talk, ladies and gentlemen, about this being a man’s world, take a look at the reaction of men to Sarah Palin. It’s been very positive, has it not? You like Sarah Palin, you like the choice, Snerdley? Snerdley’s one of the biggest sexists you could ever find, and he has embraced Sarah Palin without a single question. And he said it. That is a woman. She is a woman. Not ‘that.’ ‘She’ is a woman. But she is. There’s no question that she is. The only voices against her, all these effeminate men on the left, as they’re sitting there getting their manicures done, sitting there wallowing and whining and moaning, and they’re just trying to impress the feminist women that run their lives. It seems to me, folks, it seems to me like the liberals cannot handle a strong, attractive, independent, self-made lady. They just can’t. They can’t stand it ’cause it puts the lie to everything they supposedly stand for. Feminism is not about women; it’s about liberalism. Feminism is a mask. Feminism is one of these many tentacles of liberalism that uses women to advance ultra, far-left, radical ideas.

Palin represents everything in a woman the libs used to say they wanted. She has a family and a job. She is self-made. Her husband has a job, but is very much involved in the raising of the kids. She trumps their propaganda with real life. Sarah Palin has lived a real life. No holes in the story. Hundreds of people to vouch for her achievements, her accomplishments, her life. Obama doesn’t have that. The only people Obama has to vouch for him are people he doesn’t want speaking: Bill Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, wacko priest Pfleger, half-brothers living in huts, ‘Hut, Sweet Hut,’ $12 a year. She has lived an American life, conservative and all. You know, we’ve always said, ladies and gentlemen, that we will support the person based on his/her views. We love Thatcher. We love Jeane Kirkpatrick. The liberals support the women they support because of identity politics and because of liberalism, not because they’re women and not because they have all these so-called characteristics of strong women that they admire. I think, compared to Sarah Palin, I think Barack Obama comes off as a small little man-child.

Now, imagine this. You’re 17 years old, your name is Levi, you’re dating the 17-year-old daughter of the governor of Alaska. This governor of Alaska goes out at three o’clock in the morning, shoots moose, brings a moose home, makes moose soup, moose stew. In this 17-year-old girl’s mother’s office is a bear skin and a giant Alaskan king crab that she captured. And one day you announce that the girl you’ve been dating, the governor’s daughter, is pregnant. A woman who shoots moose at three o’clock in the morning, I’m trying to make a funny here. I think the family values of the Palin family extend — I think this is funny to watch the Drive-Bys try to destroy this woman. It’s just one big giant contradiction. On the one hand, liberals and the Drive-Bys applaud and weep over Biden taking time off from his big job as a Senator to be with his injured, motherless kids. But then they question whether Sarah Palin can care for her children. And yet they are the champions of women? It is all so convoluted it’s hard to express it anymore.

It’s hard to stay sane trying to explain liberalism. The liberal media, the idea they’re putting forth is that a woman’s place is not in the vice president’s residence. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, was on Meet the Press. She said, (paraphrasing) ‘Well, Sarah Palin will only appeal to uneducated women, not the educated women that would, say, vote for Hillary.’ Andrea Mitchell, NBC News. That’s what she said. They’re just mean. It’s no more complicated than that. They are just bitter and mean, and it’s all going to come back to bite ’em, ‘only appeal to uneducated women.’ In fact, Doris Kearns Goodwin said this is a very strange choice, showing how little she bothered even to think about the facts. But it was Andrea Mitchell who said that only uneducated female voters will be drawn to Sarah Palin, not the smart, educated ones. You want a definition of elitism — you just heard it from Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington.


RUSH: Here is Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, explaining in her view what the chances are of Hillary Clinton voters voting for Sarah Palin.

MITCHELL: She is not appealing to the same women who were really voting — or supporting Hillary Clinton on ideological issues, but they think that they can peel off some of these working-class women, not college educated, who — the blue-collar women who were voting for Hillary Clinton and may be more conservative on social causes.

RUSH: So, see, it’s only the dumb blue-collar Hillary women that will vote for Sarah Palin. It’s not the educated ones. No, no, no. Educated women, they’ll stick with Obama. But Geraldine Ferraro would have to be said to be an educated woman, correct? This was on NPR’s All Things Considered on Saturday.

FERRARO: It is wonderful to see a woman on a national ticket.

REPORTER: May we ask who you’re supporting for president?

FERRARO: Sure, you can ask, but I have — I have — you know, I’m like one of you people, I’m sitting here working on my — on my decision. I’m a Democrat, and I am a person who feels very, very strongly about issues we face in this country, so when I go into the booth I will make my decision.

RUSH: She may vote for her. She’s an educated woman, she might vote for the McCain-Palin ticket. She said as much I think on CNN. And here’s Eleanor Clift, Sunday morning, syndicated program, the McLaughlin Group. Listen to this.

CLIFT: This is not a serious choice that makes it look like a made-for-TV movie. And if the media reaction is anything, it’s been literally laughter in many places.

REPORTER: Where was that? Did you see that?

CLIFT: In very many newsrooms.

RUSH: Eleanor Clift is saying that the reaction to Sarah Palin is laughter. They’re laughing in the newsrooms. They’re laughing in the newsrooms at her. Good. One female reporterette told a friend of mine who passed it on to me. I don’t know who the female reporter was, she wasn’t identified. ‘Well, this can’t be. She cannot be a serious candidate, I’ve not had lunch with her.’ You doubt me when I tell you the inflated self-importance these people have of themselves. But don’t doubt me. They are the fourth branch of government. And here’s Eleanor Clift, ‘Oh, yeah, laugh, this is not serious, this is like a TV movie, people in the newsrooms are laughing.’ Well, we know that after the ’04 elections, the New York Times actually got a visa from the state of Missouri to send a reporter out to get into the state of Missouri to find out how people lived there. Same thing in Kansas, had a reporter, got a visa to go to Wyoming because it’s almost like going to foreign countries for these women and people in the newsrooms on the East Coast laughing at Sarah Palin.

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