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“It seems to me, folks, like the liberals cannot handle an independent, strong, attractive, self-made lady.”

“If Joe Biden’s plagiarism and other knocks against him disqualified him to be president in 1988, and again in 2008, then why all of a sudden is he qualified to be vice president now?”

“The irony here is that Obama is running on change, but he’s promising only more power and money for Washington. If you want reform, if you want something really new, then you’ve got it in Sarah Palin.”

“Sarah Palin is a woman whose life stacks up against Obama’s and Biden’s with five gold stars. This is not just a woman who’s conservative; this woman has lived an American life.”

“By the way, I want to congratulate somebody: the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. New governor made a dramatic impact on people’s lives and their safety. He’s only been in office since January, but Bobby Jindal has shown himself to be more qualified than Obama.”

“This is not a media anal exam on Palin, this is a media uterus exam — a uterus exam that is taking place here by the Drive-By Media shamelessly.”

“McCain knew about the pregnancy, but they just didn’t see the family issue as a deal breaker — same thing as Joe Biden not seeing his son being indicted as a deal breaker to accept Obama’s nomination. By the way, where has that story been?”

“Sarah Palin fills so many bills. She can wear skirts, she’s got nice looking ankles, and I’m not trying to be funny –that irritates the American left.”

“It’s just amazing to watch these people in the media; they’re so utterly predictable. They don’t know what a joke they’ve become. I don’t think they have it in them to see themselves any other way but as personal saviors of the planet.”

“Everything the feminists have been telling women to do, Sarah Palin has done — except get abortions.”

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