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RUSH: As you know, there’s this Us Weekly magazine piece out that is just despicable. It is a hit piece. It’s filled with lies and innuendo. Jann Wenner is the publisher. He’s a huge Obama endorser. What they’re banking on is that millions of people will see this cover and just read the headline not the details of the story, at supermarket checkout counters. It is a blatant attempt to destroy Palin and her family. It’s a despicable piece, but it’s tabloid trash that has been promoted by the Drive-By Media. On the other side of this, the National Enquirer (which has roots to the Clinton people via Roger Altman) is running all these halo pieces on Obama and Michelle. What Jann Wenner is trying to do is destroy McCain and Palin for Obama, and Altman and the Enquirer people are trying to destroy Palin for Hillary. If you look at who owns these two publications, you can see very clearly what is going on. Megyn Kelly yesterday, late yesterday morning on Fox, just destroyed the editors of Us Weekly, a guy named Senior Editor Bradley Jacobs. Her first question: ‘So the problem a lot of folks have about this — and I have to tell you we’ve gotten tons of e-mail over this — that headline in and of itself. We’ll start with this. It sounds like an attack: ‘Babies, Lies & Scandal.’ What are the lies?’

JACOBS: Actually… (pause) You read the story, you will see it — it is actually very, uhh, measured. It’s a very even-keeled story.

KELLY: I’ve read the story. What are the ‘lies’?

JACOBS: Actually, the lies that we point out are some of the…liberal bloggers who were speculating that the daughter was actually — had given birth, and that there was a cover-up there. We were one of the few magazines that actually did call to task those liberal bloggers for the (gulps) news stories over the weekend.

RUSH: Really? Is that what you think you did, you idiot? You called the liberal bloggers to task on the cover? You have, ‘Babies, Lies & Scandal’ with a picture of Sarah Palin, and you think people are going to connect your lies to the liberal bloggers? Megyn Kelly wasn’t buying any of it.

KELLY: Bradley, do you think the cover in any way suggests to the viewer who’s looking at your magazine while standing there in the grocery store that the ‘lies’ are lies about Sarah Palin by her attackers?

JACOBS: I don’t think we can talk about all that here. It is… We’ve gotten a lot of press today, but a lot of people haven’t read this story. You may disagree, but —

KELLY: I’ve read this story.

JACOBS: — it’s a fairly — it’s a very balanced story. We interview strategists on both sides —

KELLY: Bradley?

JACOBS: — we interview Sarah Palin’s deputy.

KELLY: Bradley?


KELLY: Okay. You say, first of all, you point out her husband Todd’s DUI arrest. Do you point out that DUI arrest came 22 years ago, in 1986?

JACOBS: Of course.

KELLY: No, you don’t.

JACOBS: The DUI arrest was everywhere.

KELLY: No, you don’t.

JACOBS: Well, we…

KELLY: You don’t, Bradley. That’s not in there.

RUSH: She kept going.

KELLY: You mentioned so-called Troopergate, talking about — and I’m quoting from your article — ‘She’s under investigation for dismissing an official who refused to fire her sister’s state trooper ex-husband.’ Do you point out the allegations that that trooper she allegedly wanted fired Tasered his own stepson, who was only ten —

JACOBS: We didn’t —

KELLY: — and made death threats against Sarah Palin’s father?

JACOBS: (sighs)

KELY: Do you mention that in that article?

JACOBS: We didn’t have time to get into everything that you have mentioned!

RUSH: What an idiot! Megyn Kelly stripped this guy totally nude and rendered him a total fraud as a journalist, a senior editor — and at the same time exposed that magazine as nothing more than a hack hatchet job arm of Jann Wenner’s publication empire. It’s just amazing. And all of this, what they’re counting on is that millions of women, millions of people at the grocery store checkout line while they’re waiting to see that cover and compare it to other covers they’ve seen of the Obamas and conclude that Sarah Palin and her family are some sort of hayseed hick, trailer trash from further in the deep South than you can find a NASCAR track. I just tell you, the truth will out here, and by the very presence of Sarah Palin, she owned that stage last night. She’s a natural. Everybody is saying a star was born. Yeah, it was. I saw it Friday in Dayton. I didn’t have any doubts about that speech last night. I couldn’t wait for it because I knew that place was barely going to be able to keep the roof on. But they’re going to keep trying that sort of stuff. Her reality is going to swamp all of this.

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