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RUSH: The unemployment rate is now up to 6.1%. We’ve lost a whopping 84,000 jobs last month — and, of course, CNBC is going nuts here with the doom and gloom. They love this. It creates audience

Financial newsletter guys love this kind of crisis to increase their subscription rates. Robert B. Reich-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h was on CNBC this morning claiming American consumers are wiped out. They love this! They love you suffering. They love your pain. They want you in bad shape, and they want you blaming Bush and Republicans. Okay, 84,000 jobs last month. It seems to me, just from my memory, off the top of my head, that most of those would probably be journalists and people that work for the Drive-By Media. Because all last month, I kept hearing about all these layoffs at the Chicago Tribune Company, at the New York Times Company. At USA Today, 3,000 people they’re going to lay off, remember that? I would lay a dollar to a doughnut here that most of the 84,000 jobs lost are in the media, to which we say, ‘Cool!’

Not because people are suffering. I’m not interested in that. It’s because the Drive-Bys’ ranks are shrinking and getting smaller, and nobody’s paying any attention to them, and so that’s why their circulation is down, their ad rates are down, their viewership is down, and all that. Now, I want to ask you a question about these national unemployment figures because nobody else will. Aside from the Drive-By Media layoffs, where are most of these figures coming from, these lost jobs? Where do you think most of these lost jobs are coming from in the highest levels of unemployment? You think they might be in blue states run by Democrat governors and Democrat mayors, like Michigan? Do you think a lot of people might be in Michigan?

We’re talking now above and beyond those in the Drive-Bys that were laid off. These blue states, with their blue cities and their liberal Democrat governors and mayors, they raise taxes like hell in their states (i.e., Michigan) and then they say, ‘Look at all the unemployment. It’s Bush’s fault. Oh, it’s horrible! We’re in bad shape. Look what Bush is doing to us.’ And how about this question, ladies and gentlemen? The liberals — this is not a stated part of their platform, if you pay attention to them, you know this is exactly what they want to do — want to destroy the private sector, and when they succeed in severely damaging it, as in Michigan, then what do they do? They turn around and they blame the private sector and those who support the private sector!

So liberals create economic circumstances that require businesses to lay people off, and then they blame capitalism for failing in those circumstances. When the economy is strong — and I think, ladies and gentlemen, this is a brilliant profundity that I’m about to share with you here. When the economy is strong, liberals want to grow government. When the economy is weak, liberals want to grow government. There is no business cycle in government. There is just growth. Have you ever stopped to think of it that way? We expect normal ups and downs and cycles in the private sector, and when we get the down cycles, which are part of life, ‘Oh, no,’ and it’s panic. ‘Capitalism is a failure.’ Government never has these cycles. Government never lays people off. Government never does nothing but grow.

It produces nothing. It raises taxes be it state, be it federal. So there’s no business cycle in growth. It’s just growth, which means never-ending transfers of wealth from the private sector to government. By the way, this is a golden opportunity here for McCain to challenge Obama to agree in lowering the corporate tax rate as a way of dealing with this. He ought to be out there on the stump right now with these figures and going on offense and say, ‘We’re going to lower the corporate tax rate. Obama wants to raise the corporate tax rate. If we lower the corporate tax rate, we get more money for business to invest in people so they might not have to lay people off. It makes all the sense in the world.’ This election, I look at it, and I tell you: this is a massive opportunity to bury the elitists in the Drive-By Media, in the Democrat Party, and on the left.

Look at this. Republicans thought they were dead. They could not have been more wrong. We’re looking at significant opportunity here. The media has overplayed its hand. MSNBC has a death wish. They literally have a death wish. (I hope they succeed.) The New York Times has a death wish. The New York Times is losing money like it’s a sieve! Us Weekly has a death wish. Oprah has a death wish. These people are all acting against their own interests while trying to promote the interests of Obama, and it’s killing them and it’s not going to help him. I hope they keep it up. Gosh, if the Republicans just understood what a fabulous opportunity is in front of them: ‘Drill here, drill now’ is a winner for all Republicans, and McCain was strong on that last night.

It’s not gonna just drive down prices and defund enemies. It will create millions of new jobs, and he described that in perfect, inspirational detail last night. We’re not victims of the Drive-By Media. Look at your success, look at Sarah Palin’s success, look at my success. You can overcome them. Look at Reagan’s success. We can overcome. The Drive-By Media can be overcome. We don’t have to be imprisoned by it or victimized by it. The media can be taken down ’cause they’ve opened themselves up to a full frontal attack. And make no mistake, we’re not just running against Obama. We’re running against the media; we’re running against the entire Washington governing class.

Close and Dingy Harry have delivered historically low disapproval ratings. Obama right now is vulnerable, wants to send Hillary all over the place as a faux vice presidential running mate. Obama favors high gas prices. Obama favors infanticide. Attack, attack, attack! Obama’s on the defensive now over his community organizing opening a window into that, and when we open the window we’re going to find ACORN and we’re going to find Obama teaching people how to be radicals and how to register multiple times to vote, typical Chicago thug politics. This is a great time, if old General Limbaugh here will be followed by the Republican Party. This is just a tremendous, tremendous opportunity. Okay, I’ll tell you what I thought about McCain’s speech, the primary part of it anyway.


RUSH: The Fox people on the graphics side made a goof. Obama did not say at his town meeting in Scranton, Pennsylvania that average income went up $75,000 a year during Clinton, he said $7,500.

OBAMA: When Bill Clinton was president the average family income went up $7,500 dollars. Since George Bush has been in office the average family income has gone down $2,000.

RUSH: And I don’t think either number is true. But anyway that’s what he’s out there saying, and he’s saying it from the defensive, ladies and gentlemen. Obama has been dis-Obamalated. He’s in unfamiliar territory. You know, when you are a messiah, when you have a messianic attitude about yourself, nobody’s supposed to criticize you, nobody’s supposed to doubt you. Nobody is even really supposed to oppose you. That’s blasphemous. Obama lost the aura that he had three months ago, Karl Rove said last night on Fox. He’s been studying the young vote, the 18-34 vote, Obama is down 20, 25%, because Obama’s no longer what he was to these people. He’s now just become a traditional, identifiable left-wing party hack.

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