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RUSH: Here’s April in Louisville, North Carolina. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s actually Lewisville. Mega dittos, longtime listener, my father, who’s probably listening, he’s a truck driver for 20 years now, he’s probably listening, so he’s a major fan of yours as well.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just need some advice here today. The school systems. Now, we all know that public school teachers are pretty much in the back pockets of the liberal politicians. You know, that’s who they cheer for, and that’s who they want, and they’ve got their unions and all that. But I’m 34 and my husband’s 35, and my kids are fifth graders and seventh graders, and I remember back in the eighties when we went to school, you couldn’t convince a teacher to tell you what political party they liked. You couldn’t get them to tell you who they were voting for. However, my kids, with this election cycle, have been inundated with disinformation freely given by their teachers and pushed on them, and of course they’re supporting Barack Obama —

RUSH: Of course.

CALLER: — and being told that they have to.

RUSH: It’s happening all over the country, not just Louisville, North Carolina. I told the story here about parents who are being told they have to go in and watch Algore’s movie with their sophomore and junior high school kids or the kids might have grade punishment.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Public school education exists for the purposes of protecting teachers unions who contribute and vote religiously Democratic and in exchange, you know, the standards that people have been trying to impose on teachers and so forth and test results for students have taken second place. Also, the people that go into teaching, can’t deny that people have political desires and identities and vested interests in outcomes. So the public school system is a liberal project that is designed to create as many little liberals as possible. McCain addressed this last night, by the way, in his acceptance speech. He said, ‘Look, teachers that can’t do the job, we’re going to identify them and we’re going to find them a new line of work,’ and the place erupted. McCain’s speech last night had some core values. When you said that when you were in school, and you’re 35, you couldn’t remember teachers identifying their party, I do remember that. I was in grade school in the late fifties, and junior high and high school through the sixties. In history, I knew which ones were Democrats by which past presidents they lauded.

One of my early junior high history teachers who was one of the best in the school, just loved Wendell Willkie. I remember we got two weeks on how Wendell Willkie got shafted in the Harry Truman race in the primaries. So we knew, but they didn’t preach to us, these history teachers kept it in context. One teacher used to be the city manager of Minot, was it North Dakota or South Dakota, he’d come down to teach history. He was obviously a big Democrat, but it was not anything like an indoctrination. And besides, this is the great thing, whenever this stuff happened, I went home and I’d tell my dad about it, and he wouldn’t do anything. The teachers were always right, the authority, the principal was always right. If they said I was misbehaving, I was misbehaving. You know, the authority figure was always right. But if I went home and said, ‘Hey, dad, who’s Wendell Willkie? I heard for the second time today the Wendell Willkie got shafted.’ So I got the truth about Wendell Willkie from my dad.

Whatever garbage that they tried to stuff down my throat in school, I was always fortunate to go home and get it corrected because I was fortunate, my parents, they were educated, and they had passionate desires about these things and opinions and so forth. I think a lot of people don’t have that today. We know what American history is today. American history begins with Bill Clinton’s presidency, and maybe JFK’s. In a survey John Silber did for Boston University found that the most widely used two textbooks in American history — this is back in the nineties — but back then the most widely used American history textbooks had a maximum of two paragraph references to Abraham Lincoln. So it is what it is today. This is why what happens in the home is so crucial. I’m sure, April, that you and your husband are doing the best you can in trying to detox your students that come home thinking that Obama is the Second Coming.

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