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RUSH: Look at this. He-he-he-he-he-he. Look at this, right here in the New York Times, the headline says it all: ‘Obama Camp Turns to Clinton to Counter Palin.’ Clinton campaign says, ‘I don’t think we can save you. I got campaigning and fundraising to do for Senate candidates.’

JOHNNY DONOVAN: Live from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida via New York City, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Okay, folks, here’s a chance for you to get it off your chest, everything you wanted to say about what’s happened the last couple of weeks. If you think it hasn’t been said, this is your chance, when we go to the phones on the program, Friday, the program content is yours, a tremendous, tremendous, unheard of career risk, taken by me, El Rushbo. This would be akin to Leno and Letterman letting a rank amateur from the audience come out and do a monologue or interview a couple guests, but I have total confidence and faith in you. 800-282-2882 the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I was on Greta Van Susteren at Fox last night just after midnight, she’s been asking me all week, and I finally relented. We’ve got audio and video. It was on the phone so we have the audio posted at RushLimbaugh.com, but I told her, I said, ‘You know, the conventional wisdom here is never right, Greta, and I won’t be surprised if somewhere down the road it’s the Obama camp that thinks they need a new vice presidential running mate.’ ‘You really think they will just drop Biden?’ I said, ‘No, it won’t happen that way. There will be some tragic emergency that pops up or some such thing as that.’ Everywhere you look, this guy, he needs Hillary to help him out. This is in the New York Times: ‘Obama Camp Turns to Clinton to Counter Palin.’ It says here that Obama will ‘increasingly lean on prominent Democrat women,’ meaning the NAGs. Obama is going to go out and beg the NAGs to bail him out, including Oprah.

Have you heard about this? Oprah does not want Sarah Palin on her show. Half of Oprah’s staff does want Sarah Palin on the show, but Oprah doesn’t want her because she’s conflicted, ‘Okay, the black guy or the girl?’ She’s in the tank for Obama of course, but she refused to have Clarence Thomas on during the period of time after his book came out. You know, I don’t care what she does, I just think the bloom ought to be off the Oprah rose as well. By the way, her mother is being sued, $156,000 in unpaid bills, clothing bills or something. Oprah Winfrey’s mom has until September to respond to the lawsuit. What is it about these rich liberals that let their parents sit around and wallow in the mire, or their half-brothers? By the way, I got a new slogan for Pizza Hut, the new Kenyan pizza: Put a Pizza in Your Hut. So you’ve got Obama’s brother living on $12 a year over in a hut in Kenya, Oprah’s mom, $156,000 unpaid clothing bills, now in the middle of a lawsuit, and both of these two are wealthy liberal elitists. As I said, I don’t care what Oprah does, but I think the bloom ought to be off her rose, too. This woman, she’s a businesswoman, she’s out there supposedly trying to empower women through her show and so forth, and that’s all BS just like all of feminism is BS.

So now Obama’s gotta go out there and get the NAGs, and that’s really going to work, that’s falling right into our hands. This is a rope-a-dope times two, to bring the NAGs out there to campaign against Sarah Palin. Hillary, they want Hillary to come to Florida on Monday. It says here, Obama was ‘dispatching Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to Florida on Monday and bolstering his plan to deploy female surrogates–‘ i.e., NAGs, ‘–to battleground states.’ By the way, NAGs for those of you new, National Association of Gals. Don’t misunderstand. We’re not making any other comment. We just think the National Organization for Women is bogus. They’re not an organization for women. How many members they got now, 125,000? They never have had more than 250,000, they never have spoken for the whole female population, nor has Oprah. So I just call them the NAGs, National Association of Gals. So Obama is going to dispatch Hillary. Nobody dispatches Hillary. Hillary is sitting in Chappaqua looking at the security cameras, the spy cameras, see where Bill’s been, all of a sudden gets a phone call from the Obama campaign, ‘We’re dispatching you to Florida.’ ‘I’m not going to Florida, there’s a hurricane coming in down there and I’m not going to be it.’

‘Mrs. Clinton’s campaign event in Florida, her first for Mr. Obama since the Democratic convention, will serve as a counterpoint to the searing attacks and fresh burst of energy that Ms. Palin–‘ it’s Mrs. Palin, New York Times, ‘–injected into the race with her convention speech on Wednesday, Obama aides said. With the McCain-Palin team courting undecided female voters–‘ Hey, who wrote this? Patrick Healy, Jeff Zeleny, you two guys gotta understand something: Sarah Palin courted us guys, too. Sarah Palin is courting Americans. We on the right, we don’t groupify everybody. We don’t do this identity politics stuff. I’ll tell you what, I knew Sarah Palin was talking straight to me when she was giving her speech. She was talking to Americans. Now, let’s go to the second page of this story: ‘Advisers to Mrs. Clinton said that she stood ready to help the Obama-Biden ticket, but they urged the campaign not to overestimate the impact Mrs. Clinton could have.’ So the Clinton campaign has told Obama, ‘Don’t think we can save you, buddy. Don’t count us.’

Clinton campaign advisors noted that ‘she had other commitments this fall, like campaigning and raising money for Senate candidates.’ ‘Sorry, Obama, I may not be able to squeeze you in here. I gotta raise money for myself and for Senate candidates.’ ‘Obama aides said the Clinton trip had been in the works before Ms. Palin was named the running mate.’ Yeah, right. Yeah, I’m buying that. So, they’re worried out there in Obama land.


RUSH: Oprah’s made it official. She’s not going to have Sarah Palin on. She says she doesn’t want her show to become a platform for candidates. Ha-ha! She said she’d be happy to have her on after the campaign is over. This is good. We don’t want Sarah Palin to be turned into some pop culture celebrity icon. It’s good news. Don’t sweat it.

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