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RUSH: Sarah Palin, by the way, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, is continuing to do to Senator Obama what the Reverend Jackson suggested a few months ago.

PALIN: Just last night Senator Obama finally broke and brought himself to admit what all the rest of us have known for quite some time, and that’s: thanks to the skill and valor of our troops, the surge in Iraq has succeeded. Senator Obama said that the surge, quote, ‘succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. I think,’ said Senator Obama, ‘that the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated.’ I guess when you turn out to be profoundly wrong on a vital national security issue, maybe it’s comforting to pretend that everyone else was wrong, too.

RUSH: This woman is dynamite! I mean, this woman is just hammering this poor little man-child! This woman is smart. What an analogy! It succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest dreams? See, this is where Obama’s dead wrong. If it succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest dreams, why plan it? It succeeded as planned, Obama! It succeeded as planned. It was beyond YOUR wildest dreams. I’ll tell you something else. He still said, after all this, that he would have opposed it. So he’s still gathering. He’s still gathering the little nuts and those acorns that make up the loony left of his base.

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