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Rush’s Morning Update: Lucky!
September 12, 2008

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A few weeks ago, tropical storm Fay invaded Cuber, followed by two major hurricanes, Gustav and Ike. Over 200,000 houses have been flattened, and a quarter of the Cuban population was forced to evacuate their homes.

Cuba’s commie front man, Raul Castro, has stayed behind the scenes. He hasn’t bothered to tour the devastated areas; he hasn’t even addressed his island nation on television. There are whispered complaints that the government has not distributed needed food or aid to those left homeless.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter, becauseCuba is still the Drive-By Media model of government done right! Case in point: Anita Snow from the AP. While admitting, “Cuba doesn’t have the resources to build new, hurricane-proof buildings,” she nevertheless exulted:”But if there’s one thing the communist island does right, it’s evacuations. And in the end, that saves more lives than anything else.” She also said there’s no looting there — because nobody has anything! As though we should follow that example!

Wayne Smith, former US diplomat to Havana:”I think there is a lot the United States can learn from Cuba’s hurricane response system.” Gee whiz.

My friends, if only we, too, could know the joys of living in dilapidated housing,in abject poverty,and flee on foot –or in 1950s-era cars –when hurricanes approach! Becauseeven with our homes flattened, our bellies empty, and our subsidized-rice-cookers gone…we would know: our government cares! Wow, how lucky the commies are! I had no idea!

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