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RUSH: Now, Troopergate. Touched on it just a little bit earlier. Here is an AP headline: ‘John McCain Campaign Tries to Quell ‘Troopergate.” It’s by Gene Johnson. No, Gene, you are a complicit member of distortion and lies in the Drive-By Media. The headline is: ‘McCain Tries to Get Truth Out About Bogus Troopergate.’ In fact, it’s not even Troopergate. We ought to call it Tasergate. It’s Tasergate. Sarah Palin has issued a response to all of this, this investigation of Tasergate. She released internal memos that show that Walt Monegan — he’s the commissioner — got fired for insubordination on budget matters and not because of his refusal to fire Palin’s former brother-in-law. Monegan went behind Palin’s back to attempt to revive a project that Palin had vetoed, which stunned the Office of Management and Budget director. On another occasion, Monegan held a press conference with Hollis French to dissent from Palin’s budget priorities, the same Hollis French that’s pushing the ethics complaint against Palin.

Now, according to papers filed by Palin’s legal team, this was not the only instance of insubordination from Monegan. On December 9th of ’07 Monegan held a press conference with Hollis French to push his own bulletin plan. On January 29th of this year, Palin’s staffers had to rework their procedures to keep Monegan from bypassing normal channels for budget requests. In February of this year, Monegan publicly released a letter he wrote to Palin supporting a project that she had vetoed. And in June 26th, Monegan bypassed the governor’s office entirely, contacted Alaska’s congressional delegation to gain funding for a project. Clear insubordination. I’m telling you what this is. This is just the Alaska old boys network trying to take the girl out. She wasn’t going to run the state the way they had been running it. The old boy network was not going to be able to dictate what was going on, and they wanted to take out the girl. They’re still trying to take out the girl. Republicans and Democrats, in some cases working together in Alaska to take her out, just before this election, and then they’ll go back to bickering with themselves once this is all settled.

In the meantime, Sarah Palin, in Golden, Colorado, yesterday, guess where Obama is today? Golden, Colorado. Obama is following her around and he’s running against McCain. ‘Sarah Palin yesterday said that she would concentrate on energy, government reform, and helping families with special needs children if the Republicans win the White House. She drew cheers when she said, ‘Too often government’s the problem rather than the solution.’ Campaigning on her own, she also said the Democrat presidential candidate, Obama, wants to raise income taxes, raise payroll taxes, raise investment income taxes and raise business taxes, also raise the death tax, and she said that’s not how you grow the economy.’ She’s exactly right. But three things, three things very simple, just like who? Ronaldus Magnus. He had three legs on his stool: military, cutting taxes, and wipe out the Soviets. Hers are energy, government reform, and helping families with special needs children.

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