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RUSH: Here’s Barney Frank, by the way, last night on Charlie Rose on PBS, Charlie Rose said, ‘Who might rescue this institution or that institution? Are you going to have hard questions about who you’re going to allow to buy American assets?’

FRANK: There are good sovereign wealth funds and bad sovereign wealth funds because there are bad and good countries. They’re buying because of the security in the United States. Even with volatility this is still a place people want to put their money. This is a very stable democracy with a fundamental economy which has been damaged now but which we expect to come back.

RUSH: Well, this is exactly what McCain said the other day: The fundamentals of the economy are strong. And Obama went out and ripped him a new one. (interruption) You didn’t understand the first part of what Barney said? Okay, if you didn’t understand it the first time, you’re not going to understand a second time, Snerdley. Let me just tell you what Barney Frank said the first time. (doing Barney Frank impression) There are (muttering) countries, (muttering) volatility (muttering) very stable, very stable democracy, fundamental economy, the damage that we expect go back, Charlie. That helped? Okay, I’m happy to help.

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