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RUSH: Now, warning, ladies and gentlemen, a common term used for a certain female body part will appear in this sound bite. I was asked by Cookie if she should bleep it out. I said, ‘Give me the context.’ She gave me the context, I said, ‘Nope, leave it in.’ But if you don’t want to hear it I’m going to count down from five and you can turn the radio off for about 22 seconds. Make it 30 to be safe. But if you don’t turn down the sound after having been warned and then complain about it, I don’t care to who, your complaint will fall on deaf ears because you’ve been warned. We are not trying to shock you here. Mild anyway. It happened on Fox & Friends today, and an Obama supporter is talking — her name is Caroline, she’s from Bloomberg News. But she’s talking about Sarah Palin. Her name was Caroline Baum and she’s talking to Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson. Five, four, three, two, one. Turn away or don’t complain. Question from Kilmeade. ‘If you’re a Democrat, for example, a woman first, who sees a breakthrough, I mean there’s a huge breakthrough with Palin here, regardless of your party, right?’

BAUM: If you’re asking me, I think the idea that she would appeal to Hillary voters, you know, the — the pro-choice versus not seems to be a much bigger issue than, you know, she has tits versus she, you know, has another body part that men don’t have. (laughing)

CARLSON: Did you just say what I think you said?

BAUM: Am I allowed to say that on the air?

CARLSON: All right, I woke up.

RUSH: Well, whether she’s allowed to say it or not, Kilmeade got up and walked off. Kilmeade was laughing himself silly, got up and walked off. The answer is nonsensical! Here’s a Drive-By journalist from Bloomberg News, Caroline Baum, ‘Pro-choice verses not seems to be a much bigger issue than, you know, that she’s a woman, blah, blah, another body part that men don’t have.’

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