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RUSH: Last night, CNBC’s Closing Bell, Maria Bartiromo interviewing former President Bill Clinton. And Maria Bartiromo says, ‘Were you surprised by the Palin bounce for the McCain campaign?’

CLINTON: No, she’s an instinctively effective candidate, and with a compelling story. And I think it was exciting to some that she was a woman, it was exciting that she was from Alaska, exciting that she’s sort of like the person she is. I get why she’s done so well. She’s — she’s — a mistake to underestimate her. She’s got good — her intuitive skills are significant.

RUSH: Now, isn’t this interesting? You have got Bill Clinton out there saying, ‘I don’t think we ought to underestimate her. I don’t think so. I think it’s exciting, she’s a woman, exciting she’s from Alaska. It’s a mistake to underestimate her, she’s got good, good intuitive skills.’ Now who does this undermine, ladies and gentlemen? Who would you say it undermines? That’s right, The Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

By the way, the story I just read you on the scandal to cost ex-Fannie Mae officers was from April 19th, not September 19th, so it’s five months ago or four months ago from the AP about how much Franklin Raines and these guys have to pay back. We’ve got some Sarah Palin sound bites and a comment that she made in Green Bay today, too little courage in Washington, which is the damn truth. They may not have left town, but they left the issue as fast as they could. Reid, Pelosi didn’t want to touch this thing going on with the mortgage crisis, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, all of this stuff on Wall Street this week, wanted nothing to do with it.


RUSH: By the way, do you know why Bill Clinton said that we shouldn’t underestimate Palin, is out there complimenting her? He wants a date. He wants a date. He’s setting the stage for a date. Sarah Palin yesterday, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, pouncing on Biden’s comment that it’s patriotic to pay more taxes.

PALIN: Our opponents, they have some strange ideas about raising taxes. To them, raising taxes, and Joe Biden said it again today, raising taxes is about patriotism. To the rest of America, that’s not patriotism. Raising taxes is about killing jobs and hurting small businesses and making things worse. This isn’t about anyone’s patriotism. It’s about Barack Obama’s poor judgment.

RUSH: All right, hubba hubba hubba. She’s always on message. You know what, brevity is the soul of wit. You know what she does? She just simplifies everything. She brings it down to the basic so everybody knows, understands what he’s talking about. It’s an amazing thing. Politicians want us to think that they have these highly complex jobs, require convoluted answers to straightforward questions. And even when we’re given these answers we are to unsophisticated and ignorant of their important jobs to understand exactly what all they have to do. This, of course, is why we couldn’t have term limits. Sarah Palin’s straightforward answers about her management style, about her view of why elected officials serve, who they serve, that’s a threat. Her simplicity, her ability to make the complex understandable is what makes her a threat to the Washington establishment. I mean, she sounds a little naive only because she’s straightforward! She doesn’t have all the gobbledygook political-speak that these other guys run around with, as I often note, brevity is the soul of wit. And it’s also the essence of effective communication.

She doesn’t have a convoluted answer as to why she sought elected office. Ask your average politician, ‘Why do you want to be president? Why did you want to represent your district?’ ‘Well, I’ve seen so much suffering and I wanted to give my time, my country has been so wonderful to me, and I wanted to pay something back, I wanted to give something back, I wanted to go up there and I wanted to make a difference because I care about the people and I care about the country,’ and on and on and on, flowery lingo. She said, ‘Because the PTA was screwed up, my kids’ schools was a mess and I needed to fix it.’ And then she kept climbing the ladder. Palin then went through — this is Cedar Rapids yesterday — went throughout list of Obama-Biden proposed tax increases.

PALIN: He wants to raise income tax and raise payroll taxes and raise investment income taxes and raise the death tax and raise business taxes. He wants to raise taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars, and at a time like this, that will make today’s bad economy seem like the good old days.

RUSH: And this did not sit well with the walking gaffe machine, the man who’s going to give everybody in the country a toaster and any leftover rice cookers from Cuba that Castro doesn’t need, Joe Biden last night, CBS Evening News with the perky one. She said, ‘You talked about tax cuts. There’s been quite a brouhaha about your comment that paying higher taxes for those making a lot of money is the patriotic thing to do. Your vice presidential rival, Governor Palin, said to the rest of America, that’s not patriotism; raising taxes is about killing jobs and hurting small business and making things worse.’

BIDEN: I am so sick and tired of this phoniness. The truth of the matter is that we are in trouble, and the people who do not need new tax cuts should be willing as patriotic Americans to understand the way to get this economy back up on their feet is to give middle class taxpayers a break. We take the tax cut they’re getting and we give it to the middle class.

RUSH: You know, I don’t care how powerful you think you are, there’s one principle, senator, you need to understand: It’s not your money. And when you start talking about who does and who does not need a tax — that’s none of your business. And, Senator, the last I looked the federal government spending, what, $2.9 trillion. Senator, do you think, rather than raise taxes on anybody, that if you want to give the middle class, however you define it, a tax cut, why do you have to take it from some other citizen? Why don’t you take it from your own damn stockpile at the US Treasury? There’s so much fraud and so much redundancy in government programs, don’t tell me you can’t find a little money out of $2.9 trillion, to give a tax cut to? Why does it have to come out of everybody else’s pocket. You guys have the biggest stash of money in the whole country. Yesterday in Akron, room full of union members, Joe Biden got a little red faced and angry.

BIDEN: I tell you Democrats, don’t you step down from anybody telling you that we don’t have the American values they value. I have had it up to here.

RUSH: Who’s out there saying this? What is he reacting to? Have they not watered his head enough here for the hair on the Chia Pet to grow? Is there some dryness there in the brain? They’re back to, don’t challenge our patriotism, don’t challenge our values, even they admit themselves that they’re short on values. Who’s out there insulting their values? I mean I will if they want. I’m totally capable of it.


RUSH: Let’s go back to 2007, Nashua, New Hampshire, Rotary Club meeting, Senator Biden held a town hall meeting. What’s he doing holding a town hall meeting? Oh! He’s running for president. I forgot he ran. An unidentified audience member says, ‘I’ve never seen this country so gullible, left and right, conservative liberal, so forth, what’s your plan to bring ’em together and do things right?’

BIDEN: I was just down in Oxford, Mississippi, they talk at you-all like this, I promise you, a woman raising two kids in Oxford, Mississippi, has no different aspirations for her children than someone raising two children here in Nashua. No difference. This is a phony division that has been set out.

RUSH: No, there’s nothing phony about the division. It’s liberals versus conservatives, and it’s entirely legitimate, because you people are who you are. He’s impersonating how people down in Oxford, Mississippi, speak. Later, Senator Biden said this.

BIDEN: We did not nominate the last two times someone who could in fact lay on the table unimpeachable credentials on national security. If anybody thinks we’re going to elect a Democratic president who cannot table in this campaign unimpeachable credentials on national security, you are a kidding yourself.

RUSH: Well, somebody needs to ask him about that as regards to The Messiah. Does The Messiah have unimpeachable credentials on national security he can lay on the table? He doesn’t even have a plan here. Until David Axelrod writes the plan, we’re not going to know what his economic plan is. And foreign policy, of course, it depends on what country. We know that he will not participate in a joint protest of Iran becoming a nuclear nation. So anyway, then Biden, this is the Rotary Club, August 13th, 2007, wraps up with this.

BIDEN: How is it that the Democratic Party, the party of ethnics basically, how did my party get to be the party of anti-God? How did that happen? I’ll tell you how it happened. We Democrats became afraid to talk about faith. We’re uncomfortable talking about it. The elites of my party. The elitists of my party took over. I can hardly wait for one of these guys on the other side tell me about family values. I can hardly wait for them to tell me, a guy that’s communicated everyday for 34 years to be home to put my kid to bed, I can hardly wait for them to tell me, married to the same woman 30 years, after they’ve been divorced three times, what values are. I can hardly wait for this to happen.

RUSH: I’m sorry, I can’t do anything but laugh. (laughing) And it’s not that I’m losing my mind or giddy. I find this genuinely funny, because, senator, let me tell you about the faith business. Your base, the base of your party, the kook fringe, lunatic base and many of what you would call mainstream in your party, hate religion. They’re scared of it. They’re scared of the faith that people have in God. And I think one of the efforts behind much of liberalism is to wipe out as much as possible of God from American society anywhere they can.


RUSH: I’ll tell you what, Joe Biden, I know you’re not listening, but the word will get to you. You know what your real problem, pal, is with this values business? He asked, ‘What in the hell happened to us on the values? What happened to the Democrat Party? I’ll tell you what happened. Too many elites in our party.’ You can’t talk about religion. You people cannot justify any religious discussion when you are pro-abortion, when you are going to make the sacrament to liberalism something like abortion, and you’re going to support wild, extremist feminazis who make every abortion a political statement and cause, you are canceled out, you’re canceling yourself out when you start running around talking about religious issues and faith. You talk about Big Government, not God, liberal Democrats appoint judges who push God out of the public square. And then you run around and you shout pro-choice, which means pro-abortion, then you want people to think you have values, when the number one right, that sanctity of life is something that cannot be trusted with your party, Joe? The right to life cannot be trusted in your party. A baby in the womb is at risk with your party. And you want to run around and talk about values and why the country says you don’t have values? Why you have to run around to union members, ‘they attack our values, not gonna take it anymore.’ This is why Biden is losing the Catholic vote for his candidate, Obama.

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