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RUSH: You’ve gotta hear this. Yesterday in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Senator McCain held a town hall meeting. An audience member has this exchange with Senator McCain.

WOMAN: I wanted to take the opportunity to ask the media, ‘Where’s your 30 investigators over in Chicago looking at Ayers?’ (cheers) We want the media to start doing their job and stop picking on little children because of their age and their pregnancies. Shame on you! Shame on all of yous.

MCCAIN: That is a great question. (chuckles) She can take it. (cheers) She can take it! That’s what I want to show you: She can take it. And she’s a reformer, and she will bring change, and she will bring reform, and that’s what Americans want very badly today.

RUSH: Oh, man! This woman, this audience member just lobs a softball at Senator McCain. Senator McCain decided to swing and fouled it off — I think probably on purpose. But this is great because I’m telling you, folks, this woman, how many of you are saying the same thing, shouting at your TV? ‘Where’s the investigation of Ayers? Where’s 30 lawyers and reporters dumped into Chicago? Leave her children alone!’ Palin ripped Obama to shreds in media in Pennsylvania, last night.

PALIN: Our opponent, he likes to point the finger of blame, but tell me: Has he ever lifted a finger to help?


PALIN: Has he ever reached out a reformer’s hand to the other side of the aisle?


PALIN: In order to get others to say ‘yes’ to change, has he ever told his own party ‘no’?


PALIN: When it comes to reform, he likes to say, ‘I will,’ but has he ever been able to say, ‘We did?’


RUSH: Okay, that’s Sarah Palin. Now, this is a pretty good balancing act here. She’s gotta carry the McCain theme of walking across the aisle and he’s done it and he’s reform — and, you know, I really wish they would just let her be her and not make her mirror McCain. But she found a clever way to do it there: ripping Obama, exposing him as the hypocrite — the little, unqualified man-child — that he is.

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