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RUSH: Apparently our new Operation Chaos, Save Our Biden — SOB — is working. They sent him out in Cincinnati today for a major, major, major, major, big, big policy address. And what do you think was the subject of his policy address? It was Iraq, the vast majority of this speech — he’s still talking — and the vast majority of the speech is devoted to Iraq with things like finally George Bush is implementing Barack’s policy. The only guy not following Barack’s policy is John McCain. Now, what’s interesting about this to me is how they want to change the subject. Now, we’ve got a fraudulent ABC/Washington Post poll out today that finally shows The Messiah up by nine points. But if you dig deep you find out it’s a sample of around 800 people. Only 28% of the sample is Republican. Thirty-eight percent of the sample is Democrat, and we talked about this yesterday. They really weighted, increased the number of black respondents in this poll. By the way, they claim here that the reason that they did the 38 Democrat, 28 Republican percentages is that that’s just the way it’s breaking down.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a clear, clear illustration of the Drive-By Media — and, by the way, George Stephanopoulos is just ecstatic with this poll, reporting it today, but it’s fraudulent, it’s flawed, and it’s designed to influence public opinion, not reflect it. You have to ignore these polls until we get very, very close. That’s when these people want to be accurate, of course, with the end result. But I mean it’s laughable. It is a joke. What the Drive-By Media has become is shameful. They are supporting a candidate for president they will not even examine. They don’t even care what this guy’s life story is. They’re not interested in it. All they care about is he’s historic, he’s a liberal, he’s a socialist like they are, and that’s it, that’s all that matters. And he’s not a Republican. I find it fascinating that old Joe goes out there, wants to change the subject. Why would you, in the midst — and the conventional wisdom is that all this economic turmoil has to benefit Obama, and, by the way, the Washington Post poll said, yes, the economic news is finally redounding to Obama’s benefit. If that’s the case, why the hell is Biden out there? He’s still talking. Good Lord, over 40 minutes here, I think. Did he just finish? No, they got the hook.

At any rate, with all this conventional wisdom, the economy is giving Obama this big jump in the poll, why send Biden out to talk about Iraq? Maybe all this economic news is not helping them that much. Or maybe they’re trying to keep Biden focused ’cause he’s supposed to be the foreign policy expert. But how can you be an expert when you’re wrong all the time? The whole point that he’s making here is that Bush ignored Afghanistan, went into Iraq, only Obama knows what to do. Everybody knows this is a joke. I’ll tell you what I think this is all about. I think they’re going back to Iraq in part because Biden is the so-called foreign policy expert. But I also think they’re having big trouble. I’ve got two more stories today in the Stack about how whites are not going to vote for this guy, and these are Drive-By Media stories and they’re talking about Democrats. We had two of these stories yesterday, one AP/Yahoo, the other in the Philadelphia Daily News. Now we’ve got an AP story and we’ve got the Politico story today on how this isn’t working, white people, they’re going to have to gin up the white vote.

So I think going back to Iraq is like going back to the base. They’ve got the black vote wrapped up, 95% of the black vote, that’s going to happen. So most of the Democrat base that is not black is also virulently, lunatically, insanely anti-war, anti-military, anti-Iraq, and I think they’re going back and trying to rejuvenate their base, because if they’re losing a third of blue-collar Democrat voters, that’s the base, traditionally. So it’s interesting to watch these guys go out and do so.


RUSH: Marlene in Bellaire, Michigan. Marlene, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you? I’m going to try to calm you down a little bit after that guy. (giggles)

RUSH: Well, you know, these guys, this stuff, it just angers me. It really does, and to try to use this program? Un-uh. They’re not going to get away with that.

CALLER: As it does me. It angers me just as much. Listen, as much as Biden is out there today speaking about Iraq and trying his best to look presidential, I think it’s all a ploy because that’s what the debate Friday is going to be about. They’re getting everybody ready for foreign policy in the debate Friday.

RUSH: You’re talking about the presidential debate?


RUSH: The presidential debate, Friday night, it’s in Mississippi.

CALLER: Yeah, Mississippi someplace.

RUSH: I’m surprised Obama would dare go there. You know, the bitter clingers down there and people clinging to guns and religion and so forth, and —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — you know, all those white racists down there around going to vote for him. I’m stunned that he would even dare fly over the state, much less get off the airplane there.

CALLER: Maybe that’s why he’s got Biden out there trying to run cover for him. (laughs) I don’t know. But that’s why I think he’s out there, trying to get everybody prepped up for Friday ’cause they want everybody to believe what Obama’s going to say — which is hard.

RUSH: You know, I can’t wait for Obama — if he actually tries this, I can’t wait for Obama — to go out there and claim that Bush is finally listening and following his plan, that Sarah Palin agrees with the Obama plan, and the only guy that doesn’t agree with the Obama plan is McCain. I hope he tries it.

CALLER: (laughs) I do, too. I do, too.

RUSH: Well, you probably got a good point there. It is the foreign policy debate coming up, and Obama doesn’t have any experience in it. (laughs) Joe Biden. Franklin Roosevelt went on TV 1929, and talked people through the Depression. ‘Hey, Chuck! Stand up out there, Chuck! Let ’em see you! Oh, my God. God love you. Ah, gee, Chuck, this is… Stand up for Chuck!’ This is just too much. It’s too good.

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