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Rush’s Morning Update: Opportunity!
October 1, 2008

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Well, amid all the uncertainty in our financial markets, we have an opportunity to reclaim a core American valuethat has been denied to many of our fellow citizens.

The United States of America became a superpower –not as a result of government programs or intervention, but rather the absence of it. Our entire history bears this out. From our founding, the free enterprise system has rewarded the hard work of industrious people. The innovations, services, and productivity of individual Americans– not government– created the most powerful economic engine the world has everknown. That same capitalist system punishes sloth, incompetence, and low achievementwith failure.

Now, along the way, an idea took root: that the “playing field” could be leveled. That the government could smooth out theinequity. This idea manifested itself in many forms, including the housing market. The government would mandate loans to those who did not merit them through their own hard productivity, responsibility, and individual effort. And not just the poor –others could “flip” their way into richesby taking advantage of “free money.” That idea,born of a liberal perversion of “fairness”,created this current crisis.

It isn’t enough to defeat one bill requiring hard-working taxpayers to bail out a sham economic structure built on a financial sleight of hand;wehave todefeat the mindset that created this mess. And in so doing,we can establish, again, that the American dream is real,but ithas tobe earned — it cannot be awarded.

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