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RUSH: The Heritage Foundation has a marvelous post today: ‘The People Spreading ‘Disinformation’ About Obamacare.’ This is fascinating. ‘The White House is losing the health care debate. Polls from National Public Radio, Wall Street Journal/NBC News, The Washington Post, Gallup, and Pew all show that the American people do not support President Barack Obama’s health care plan. The White House wants people to believe they are losing the health care debate because ‘scary … videos are starting to percolate on the internet’ that are spreading ‘disinformation’ about Obama’s health care plan. The White House is even encouraging Obama supporters to help them identify people spreading this ‘disinformation.”

We told you Erick Erickson at RedState.com found it yesterday. You know what this is? This is Obama’s own exclusive private domestic spying program. This website at Flag@WhiteHouse.gov? If you get a White House blog, if you get an e-mail or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to Flag@WhiteHouse.gov. It’s his own private domestic spying program! He is asking citizens to inform on others. Now, that means they are going to have to be hearing about a lot of people because a majority of people oppose this utter debacle and disaster. Now, as the Heritage people write here: ‘In the interest of honest debate, we would like to flag the White House about some prominent people that are directly contradicting the President about what his health care plan would do to the American people.’

The president’s out there saying you will not lose your private insurance. The president’s out there saying you will not get healthcare rationed. ‘The President has explicitly said that the public option will not eliminate private insurance. He told the American Medical Association on June 15th: ‘What are not legitimate concerns are those being put forward claiming a public option is somehow a Trojan horse for a single-payer system…’ That’s the president: No public option will take away your private insurance.

However, one, two, three, four liberals — two of them elected, two of them in the State-Controlled Media — virtually assure us that we will lose our private insurance. ‘Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) at a Health Care for America Now rally: ‘And next to me was a guy from the insurance company who argued against the public health insurance option, saying it wouldn’t let private insurance compete, that a public option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to single-payer. My single-payer friends, he was right. The man was right,” that their plan in the House would indeed eliminate private insurance.

So who’s spreading disinformation, Mr. President? You are spreading disinformation. Your party is spreading disinformation. Your party is lying to the American people because they have no other choice. Barney Frank — and we have played audio sound bites from Barney on this. I even had it in the stack yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to get to it. But he ‘told Single Payer Action: ‘I think that if we get a good public option it could lead to single-payer and that is the best way to reach single-payer. Saying you’ll do nothing till you get single-payer is a sure way never to get it. … I think the best way we’re going to get single-payer, the only way, is to have a public option and demonstrate the strength of its power.”

Yet Obama is running ads. He’s got Linda Douglass out there saying, ‘There’s all this disinformation being said about my plan. My plan won’t destroy private insurance.’ Well, two elected Democrats in the House have just said that it will and that they want that to happen. So who’s spreading the disinformation? ‘Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein at the Democratic National Convention last year: ‘They have a sneaky strategy, the point of which is to put in place something that over time the natural incentives within its own market will move it to single-payer.” Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein was being told this by Democrats at their convention last summer!

‘Noble Prize winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman: ‘[T]he only reason not to do [single-payer] is that politically it’s hard to do in one step…You’d have to convince people completely give up the insurance they have, whereas something that lets people keep the insurance they have but then offers the option of a public plan, that may evolve into single-payer.” Now, as Heritage says: ‘Americans deserve an honest debate about health care. President Obama, Barney Frank, and Jan Schakowsky cannot all be right. Either the President is wrong when he says his plan will not lead to government-run health care, or Frank and Schakowsky are spreading disinformation …’ Regardless it’s not us lying about the plan.

Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Obama, we are telling the truth about it. It is your party that is lying, because you care more about tort lawyers and public sector union bosses than any other group of people in this country. This is why Heritage is so valuable, folks. You know, limited government and full liberty are two of the hallmarks of the people at the Heritage Foundation. They are doing the best work anywhere inside the Beltway. They research and provide the facts on all that’s happening and changing in Washington. It’s amazing. They’re in DC, but they don’t do DC speak. They are us. They can’t do it alone, though. They have 435,000 members, or maybe it’s even more than that now. You should become one, too, for just $25. Just go to AskHeritage.org. And you can also do show prep in the morning at the same time I’m doing it. www.AskHeritage.org.

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