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“A community organizer can’t start bitching when communities organize.”

“Mr. Snerdley wants me to explain why my audience is so loyal to me. The answer is because I’m loyal to them. I do not change. I am not fickle. I can be counted on. And no matter how much I’m attacked, I don’t back down.”

“My father, when I stayed out too late as a teenager, would say, ‘Son, you thought you were having fun, but you weren’t.’ And I’d say, ‘What the hell does that mean? Because I just had a great time.’ And he’d say, ‘You thought you were having fun, but you weren’t.'”

“Barack Obama saidthe best education he ever had was community organizing for ACORN, that it was the highest good of public service — and he’s now trying to swat down citizens who have grievances over his health care plan? Of course. Because he’s a statist.”

“The president of the United States is running ads referring to 52% of the American people as a ‘mob’. Now, this is beneath the dignity of the White House. It’s typical of the Democrat Party, but it is beneath the dignity of the Oval Office.”

“All right, folks. I am going to say what everyone else is thinking, because everybody’s thinking it: Did Bill Clinton hit on those two female journalists on the long flight home from North Korea?”

“The sad fact is that if we let this administration get away with what it wants to get away with, all of us are going to be getting our clothes from the Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Nobody’s going to be able to afford Brooks Brothers except Michelle and Barack.”

“The American people are being awakened, and they’re being awakened because they are finally seeing the real Barack Obama, and it’s nothing like the man they thought they elected. This is an utter cold, mean spirited, partisan liar.”

“The Republican Party is headed up by a bunch of country club, blue blood, Rockefeller liberals and moderates that don’t want any part of conservatism because they are embarrassed about the abortion issue. But if we put up a genuine conservative, we will win.”

“The Democrat Party represents an ever shrinking percentage of the population, because the American people are largely conservative. And, Lord, if I didn’t think this, I’d be playing golf somewhere — probably New Zealand.”

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