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“If you are looking for Astroturf, look at the top of Joe Biden’s head. That’s where you’ll find Astroturf.”

“I think all of you people out there have to realize that your actions are leading to some Republicans growing some onions. I mean, some of these moderate Republicans are actually having to spread their legs a little bit to make room.”

“Of all the ways Obama can get picked at… is by a bunch of people organizing in communities who oppose his ramrod, reckless, dangerous, socialist healthcare plan — and that’s why I say a community organizer can’t bitch when communities organize.”

“Why are Obama’s approval numbers caving? Well, he closed Club Gitmo, but it’s open. He got us out of Iraq, but we’re still there. He stimulated the economy, but nearly 600,000 more people lost their jobs today.”

“Bye the way, Ted Kennedy’s dad –Joe Kennedy –was sympathetic to the Nazis. That’s why FDR pulled him from his post as ambassador to Britain! You want to start talking, Ms. Pelosi, about ties to the Nazis? Let’s focus on your party.”

“This Quick Weight Loss Center diet is the best diet I have ever been on, and I’ve done every one of them but Weight Watchers because I don’t like pink packaging.”

“Journalism in this country is an absolute disgrace. It’s just an absolute disgrace! I personally could come up with the cure for cancer, and they would find a way to say it’s bad for the drug companies.”

“Isn’t it fascinating how no one can have an honest disagreement with statists? How no one can have an honest disagreement with Barack Obama or Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi? Because if you disagree, you’re a Nazi.”

“Those of us who looked at Obama with clear eyes always knew he was something other than what he said he was. We knew he wasn’t post-partisan; he was the Senate’s most liberal member. We knew he wasn’t post-racial.No one sits in a racially divisive and bigoted church for 20 years without agreement with the message.”

“If the Republican Party is being ‘run by a talk show host’, Dingy Harry, then the Senate is being run by a land swindler — you, sir.”

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