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RUSH: I want to keep a list here. Keep a list now, the insurance companies, street lobbyists, right-wingers, Nazis, people who were in Florida during the 2000 presidential election, Republican officials, an unknown group in Connecticut and I, the Mobfather, are all behind a popular uprising against government-run health care. That’s the message today from the Democrat Party. If you are looking for Astroturf, look at the top of Joe Biden’s head. That’s where you’ll find Astroturf. But you are not going to find Astroturf at any of these town hall meetings. Astroturfing, by the way, is a distinct Democrat Party creation. Now, the snitch website, you’ve got to hear this. The snitch website where Obama, flag@whitehouse.gov, and Obama supporters are urged to report people who are providing misinformation on the Internet or in person, if you overhear it or if you see it, you are to report it to flag@whitehouse.gov. Pretty soon there’s going to be a snitch website for people who are overheard discussing the war on terror, which is no longer admissible as per Obama’s administration.

So Gibbs was asked about this at the White House briefing. A reporter said, ‘Do you know how many e-mails have been sent to the flag@whitehouse.gov address and secondly isn’t the White House required to save all correspondence it receives? So will it be informing –‘ before I finish this, do you people remember when the Pentagon was preparing this massive database of worldwide terrorists and the left had a cow? The civil libertarians went absolutely nuts. Now the White House has a snitch website and where are the civil libertarians? Obama has his own domestic spying program run out of the White House. Where are the civil libertarians? I mean, this is amazing. Anyway, the question to Gibbs: ‘Are you going to be informing individuals whose e-mails have been forwarded they might want to have a chance to correct the historical record about the alleged fishiness of their e-mails?’

GIBBS: I, for the life of me, didn’t understand your question. Obviously the National Archives documents correspondence with the White House.

REPORTER: So the people whose e-mails have been forwarded, they won’t be informed that their emails have been forwarded to the government?

GIBBS: Maybe I’m missing something. I’m sure you’re hatching some nefarious plot, but for the life of me I can’t understand it.

RUSH: Gibbs doesn’t even know. He doesn’t even know about the snitch website. Either that or he has been told, ‘Gibbs, you don’t know about it. That’s an unacceptable word; there’s no snitch website, forwarded emails.’ He’s acting like he doesn’t even know the thing exists.

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