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RUSH: Scott in Los Angeles, hi, sir, great you’re here.

CALLER: Hey, how are you doing? Listen, of all the scary things in this health care bill, Rush, the scariest thing is this: The government, if this passes, will be able to go into your bank account or anybody’s bank account — I just read this last night — anybody’s bank account, take the money out to fund this monstrosity. Did you know that?

RUSH: Yes. I have reported on it. Direct deposit access to every individual’s bank account.

CALLER: If that happens, Rush, I’m leaving the country. That is the most egregious —

RUSH: Good luck getting out. Good luck getting out. They will shut the airports.

CALLER: That is the most egregious thing in this entire bill for me is to go into my account and take out my money.

RUSH: Well, theoretically it’s to make sure you pay for whatever treatment they decide you deserve.

CALLER: I don’t care. Why don’t you come into my house? Why doesn’t the government come into my house and take my jewelry and pay with that. It’s the same thing.

RUSH: Shhh, shhh-shhh, shhh-shhh.

CALLER: Sorry.

RUSH: Bad enough as it is. Don’t give them any more ideas.

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: He’s right, folks, he’s right. That is in the House bill. You think that’s the worst thing in it. I’m not arguing with you, but there are things that are a greater abomination than that. I mean, this bill determines, the government’s going to determine who lives and dies. They are going to fund abortions and they are going to be for euthanasia on the back end. Anyway, Scott, I appreciate the phone call.

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