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RUSH: Now, here is Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris. Now, no offense. I’ve met Chuck Norris and I like Chuck Norris and Chuck Norris is a good guy. He’s a little wrong on McCain, but that’s in the past. I met Chuck Norris once and I had a great conversation. Chuck Norris, of all people, has a column at http://townhall.com entitled, Dirty Secret Number One on Obamacare. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at NBC has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at ABC has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at CBS has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at MSNBC has done. Chuck Norris has done something that nobody at CNN has done. He read the bill, and he found something in it on page 838 in Sections 440 and 1904.

‘Dirty secret No. 1 in Obamacare is about the government coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care development. It’s outlined in passages like Section 440 and Section 1904 of the House bill (page 838) under the heading: ‘Home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children,’ which would provide (via grants to states) for home visitation programs to educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills. … The bill says that the government agents, the ‘well-trained and competent staff,’ will ‘provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive language, social, emotional and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices, skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development.” All that is in quotes from the bill.

So Chuck Norris (laughing), who found something no other journalist has found says, ‘Are you kidding me?! And with whose parental principles and values? Their own? Certain experts? Who? From what field and theory of childhood development? As if there are one-size-fits-all parenting techniques? Do we really believe they will contextualize and personalize every form of parenting…?’ Chuck, this isn’t the question. Chuck’s making a mistake. He’s accepting the premise and then saying that people coming into the home are not going to be qualified. What the hell business is it of anybody in the government to come into your home and tell you whether you’re raising your kid right or not, or to test to see if you’re raising your kid right or not? I know. I know you’re saying, ‘Rush, that can’t be in the bill. It just can’t be there! Rush, it just can’t be there.’

This is who statists, authoritarians are — and any of you fathers out there who have ever had the dreaded knock from Social Services on your front door because you were thought to be a predator just because you’re a man and you got your kids taken away from you, it’s not that hard to believe that this kind of thing would happen. But the idea that they’d want to do this? Look, the whole point of state-run health care, as I’ve been trying to point out, is not health care. It is the regulation and control of every aspect of life. You can’t understand, people can’t relate to Americans, fellow Americans wanting, to do this to other Americans, and that’s simply because you don’t understand liberals and you don’t understand authoritarians, and you don’t understand the history of the world.

The history of the world is tyranny. The history of the world is dictatorship. The history of the world is starvation and famine and poverty. The history of the world is totalitarianism, dungeons, torture. That’s the history of the world. That’s what makes America so unique. That’s what American exceptionalism is all about. We weren’t and never have been that. This is the one place in all of humanity which has never, ever had to emerge from something like that. We started differently. And these people showing up at town hall meetings know full well what’s at stake here. It’s their liberty and freedom. So here Chuck Norris has read the bill.

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