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RUSH: This was this morning on the Today show on NBC. The co-host Meredith Vieira is talking with chief White House correspondent F. Chuck Todd, and she says, ‘Did the administration stack the deck with supporters in New Hampshire?’

TODD: No. I got two words for you: the Secret Service. In order to get in, to get a ticket for the president’s town hall you had to log in last week. You had to get and hope you got picked randomly. You have to submit your date of birth, your Social Security number, in order to be that close to the president. It’s not like a member of Congress or any Tom, Dick, or Harry can just walk in at the end of the day kind of like a city council meeting.

RUSH: Come on, F. Chuck! Who do you think you’re dealing with here? You’re telling me if the president of the United States or somebody like Rahm Emanuel wants somebody in there they can’t get them in there? We are not saps here. Now, F. Chuck Todd had to end up this morning on MSNBC calling out his own network for hyping the guy with the gun at the Obama town hall. It had nothing to do with Obama. Did you hear about this? They went nuts. There was a guy… In New Hampshire, everybody’s got a gun. In fact if you ever wondered why the left is so afraid of Second Amendment it’s because we’re the ones with all the guns. In fact just last hour, this guy calls and says, ‘They’ve declared war on us! The libs have declared war on this country!’ I said, ‘Oh, no, we can’t have that type of talk.’ He compared what the libs are doing with Germany going into France.

‘The Germans had tanks,’ I said. ‘We can’t go that far. I’ve been inundated with e-mails during the break. ‘Rush, you’re wrong. You think we don’t have guns?’ (laughing) So the left is all for gun control because we have the guns. At any rate, there was this guy walking around outside with a gun, which a lot of people in New Hampshire do. And Carlos Watson, the Obama look-alike and so-called analyst at MSNBC, just tried to make this into something it wasn’t. And F. Chuck Todd had to sort of calm Carlos down, and Carlos didn’t want to be calmed down. Carlos Watson, talking with F. Chuck Todd, said, ‘Chuck, I gotta ask you. The guy with the gun outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, town hall today somebody else arrested with a gun elsewhere, somebody else with a knife. What is the White House saying about this? I mean, I know they don’t want to inflame it but I gotta believe there’s some real concern out there,’ F. Chuck.

TODD: Frankly, Carlos, no. When you spend time in New Hampshire, the gentleman that had the gun that was strapped on in full sight of everybody, you know, there is — I — I was talking to plenty of locals about this. There is a — you know, there’s a deep Libertarian streak in New Hampshire, uhh, and there was a group of these advocates — folks —

WATSON: Chuck, how ’bout it!

TODD: Carlos, we conflated things yesterday. I think we conflated things yesterday by throwing this guy in there. There were definitely protesters in there, but this guy was trying to make another point, uhhh, and this was an anti-government activist that would have been at this whether this were a Republican president or Democratic president.

RUSH: So F. Chuck says, ‘We conflated this. We put this guy with the anti-Obama people. It was the wrong thing to do, Carlos, believe me. We did the wrong thing here.’ Carlos Watson doesn’t want to hear it.

WATSON: I gotta push back on that. So, to be clear, we’ve got a history in this country of presidents being shot at and killed, going back to the 1890’s.

TODD: I’m not making light. I’m not making light of this, but I think you gotta under — I — I — I’m just saying, I’m just explaining where this guy was coming from. I’m not saying that it’s — one of these things, ‘Hey, you know, the Secret Service wasn’t concerned about.’ But law enforcement seemed to be — very much know exactly what this guy was doing.

RUSH: Carlos Watson not happy here. Carlos Watson, of course, the guy who said ‘the new N-word is ‘socialism.” (interruption) What does the F stand for? (laughing) Well, think of Chuck-U Schumer, all right? It’s the best way I can explain what the F stands for in F. Chuck Todd.

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