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RUSH: Joe in Spring Valley, New York… Oh! Joe, hang on just a second. I need to make a correction. I have been told that the rabbis in the New Jersey body parts scam were both from New Jersey and from New York and that many of them were Republican. But when you want to bribe officials in New Jersey, you have no choice but than to bribe Democrats. So the rabbis bribed officials they found in New Jersey, and when you go finding officials in New Jersey you’re going to find Democrats. All right. Joe in Spring Valley, New York, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah. Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I have been in every corner of this world. Your name is a household name. I mean, you’re a man of great intellect and wisdom. But here’s the problem. I mean, it seems like whenever you open your mouth you have an axe to grind against our president. Why is that? Let’s take the end-of-life issue. I mean, what’s wrong with that? I mean look at all — all you guys throwing your elderly parents into nursing homes at the mercy of greedy doctors and to cut them up slice and dice them up and spend hundred thousand dollars per day in — in a hospital, you know, setting. That itself, if you remove that element from all the health care, and keep your mothers in your own home, that would save $2700, just that aspect. I mean, Obama just by keeping his mother-in-law in the White House, he’s setting an example.

RUSH: (snorting laughter)

CALLER: I mean, just — just say that. Why — why do you (garbled) guys leave out that aspect?

RUSH: You think the mother-in-law’s in the White House for any other reason other than Michelle demanded it?

CALLER: No. I mean, he’s setting an example because he’s —

RUSH: You want to talk about setting an example, how about the brother who lives in the hut? How about the aunt that faces deportation?

CALLER: Because they’re foreign.

RUSH Aunt Petuity or whatever the name is. Setting an example? Look, I thought you were going to ask me if there was even one good thing about Obama and I was going to say, ‘Yeah. He’s rented the house of a Republican on Martha’s Vineyard for his vacation.’ But the government has no business deciding when your family member lives and dies. I don’t care what money is available. They have no business!


RUSH: Now, we had Joe from Spring Valley, New York, saying Obama is ‘setting an example’ by having the mother-in-law live with them, right? Yeah, the mother-in-law in the White House. That would be Michelle’s mom. Look, folks, we’ve all been there. Now, let’s not start telling ourselves stories. The mother-in-law is in that house for one primary reason: Baby-sit the kids so that Michelle can flit around and join her husband or tell him what to say and what to do when there’s no teleprompter, whatever. But she’s not there because of poverty. She’s not there ’cause she had no place else to live. If Obama were setting an example, George Odingo Obango would have been out of a hut in Kenya and in the White House six months ago. That would be setting an example. Or maybe send Jimmy Carter over there to build him a house, Habitat for Humanity. Any number of things you can too. But when your brother stays in a hut after the world finds ought that your brother is in a hut, don’t call here and tell me about great examples being set.

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