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RUSH: As I’ve been watching this, I’ve been thinking, ‘How do we solve this? What’s the objective?’

Health care for everybody at lower cost, right? No, that’s the real objective. We’d like everybody to have access to health care. We certainly want to bring the costs down, do we not? That’s what we want to do. I have a plan. I have a plan to give everybody health care and slash costs, and I don’t need a thousand pages of rationing. I don’t need death panels. Oh! Sarah Palin has rocked ’em with that one because she’s dead right. They are death panels. I went back. I was reading Levin’s book, Liberty and Tyranny, and he’s got a story in there about a woman in Oregon. They’ve got death panels in Oregon. Nine states already have a version of Obamacare, and it’s a disaster. I’ll share the details when the program unfolds, but I don’t need a thousand pages of rationing, regulating, nor invasion of your privacy.

I can deliver what Obama is promising with one sentence. It’s very simple. ‘You’re sick? Here’s a train ticket to Canada.’ If you like socialized medicine, we can send to you Canada to get treated, and he can do it for much less than converting our system to Canada’s. All we gotta do is put you on a train or put you on an airplane, whatever the transportation costs. Let the Canadians handle the care. If you like that kind of system or if you want to go to the UK, we’ll put you on a plane send you there. But that’s going to cost so much less and there’s going to be no interruption whatsoever to our personal freedom. The people that do not want to go to Canada, people that don’t want to go to the UK — or maybe if you want to go to Cuba to get treated!

That’s the best health care in the world, we’re told. So if you want to go to Cuba, we’ll send you there. If you want to go to Canada, we’ll send you there! All it’s going to cost us is whatever the transportation costs and maybe a hotel for a couple nights. But Canada will take care of the health care costs because it’s ‘free’ for everybody. Isn’t this brilliant, folks? I mean, I’ve been sweating and slaving over this all night, and I’ve thought, ‘What are we talking about here? We’ve already got the kind of garbage that Obama is trying to put on us elsewhere, and it’s in Canada and the UK. Send everybody there who gets sick.’ They come here for private care; we go there for public care. I don’t mean become a citizen of Canada. I’m proposing a round trip ticket so that you can go to Canada, you can get better, you can come back home and keep paying more taxes in America.

I think it’s a brilliant plan, and I’m… (interruption) ‘Will they take us?’ Well, now, I hadn’t thought of will Canada take us. Well, I don’t think that’s really the question. The question is if you… Yeah, we’ll assume they’ll take you, but how long is the line going to be? Who cares? We don’t care about that. I mean, that’s part and parcel of the kind of system we’re going to get. So I’d rather people leave here and stand in line in Canada than goof up and muck up our health care system, which is fine and dandy and working for the most part. And we get rid of these people that want socialized medicine, get ’em to Canada — that’s the closest place we can send them — we can fix ours for the people that want it fixed and kill two birds with one stone. And look at the money we’ll be saving and look at the freedom we’ll be preserving and look at the liberty that won’t be attacked!

We’ll have to put nobody’s records online. The White House is not going to have to determine what Medicare and Medicaid spends on what and on whom. We’ll let Canada handle all that because they got the system down pat, and everybody seems to admire the Canadian system, at least in the Obama realm, and the same thing with the National Health Service in the UK. So if we want to save money here, why ruin our system when we’ve already got two systems that are in ruination now? But if people want to access them, fine. We’ll send ’em there. It’s very, very simple.

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