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RUSH: This is just fabulous. This is great. I’m watching this doofus, Gibbs, he’s doing the White House briefing. We had a big bunch of violence, 95 deaths and injuries in Baghdad, and Gibbs is saying, ‘This just goes to show that extremists can wreak havoc anywhere.’ Now, I remember when George W. Bush was president and three people would be injured with an IED and we would get two days worth of reporting about the incompetence of the US military, the incompetence of the Bush administration, how Rumsfeld had to be canned and fired and drawn and quartered and strung up. And now, why, this just shows extremists are bad everywhere.

How about the incompetence of the Obama administration in manifesting the situation over there, not to mention what’s happening in Afghanistan. We are saddled with the biggest bunch of incompetence. It poses a great threat. But the point I was making on this Cash-for-Clunker business, you got these automobile dealers who are out, in one case $36 million in Maryland, they’ve reimbursed for 2% of it. It’s a tiny program. The Department of Transportation is having to hire contract workers to deal with it. How many people work in the DOT sitting around doing nothing in the first place? What does it take to sit there and reimburse the dealers? You see, the end result is not what matters to Obama. What matters is people are out the door in their new cars, they’re potential voters. Screw the dealers. We’ll get to them when we have time, we have other priorities.

I look at this bunch, and folks, I cannot tell you how proud of you I am. And I don’t mean to sound paternalistic. I’m saying this as one of you. You and you alone have totally turned this administration upside down and inside out. They don’t know what to do. They don’t know what to say from day to day. They’re double flip-flopping in the same day. They send this doofus carton-character-like guy Gibbs out there, and it’s a laugh riot to watch one of these White House press briefings. And, remember, we were told he was the smartest and the brightest, perhaps the best potential White House press secretary there had ever been, and they’re a laughingstock.


RUSH: Here’s Robert Gibbs talking about the violence in Iraq. As a reporter said, ‘Nearly 100 people have died in the latest bombing in Iraq, the bloodiest day of the year. It comes just weeks after US troops, combat troops pulled out of the urban centers. What, if anything, Mr. Gibbs, does this say about the readiness of Iraqi security forces to take over responsibility? Is there any concern that the US pullout of those cities was premature?’

GIBBS: No, I don’t — I don’t think the — again, remember, that was a — this is determined by the Iraqis as part of agreements that were made. Look, I think it shows you the degree to which extremists will always go to wreak havoc through senseless violence that harms innocent human lives.

RUSH: I am stunned. I know some of you think that he was comparing the extremists in Iraq to those of you showing up at the town hall meetings, and I wouldn’t reject it out of hand, ‘But did you guys maybe pull out too soon?’ ‘Oh, no, no, previous administration did that deal, we inherited that pullout date,’ that’s what he was saying, we inherited that, and, you know, just part of the agreement, look, extremists will always wreak havoc, as though it’s just commonplace now. I love these guys.

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