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Rush’s Morning Update: Do It
August 21, 2009
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Last week,in an attempt to stop the bleeding,Obama sent out his White House minionsto float the notion that he’d accept health care legislation without the so-called public option –the “option” that would put the federal government in charge.

But the trial balloon made the liberals bonkers. Nancy Pelosi let it be known she wouldn’t be party to it. Former DNC head Howard Dean said it would be the worst thing that could happen to elected Democrats. Speaking to a bunch of union thugs in Maine, Dean fired a shot across Obama’s bow, warning: “We all voted for change we an believe in. If we don’t get it, we’ll get some more change in 2010!” [Yee-argh!]

Dean had stirred up the nutroots convention the day before,saying the public option is already watered down from the single-payer plan that liberals want. “We have already made our compromise,”Dean screamed to theselefty bloggers, these insane lunatics. “There will be no more compromises in this bill!” [Yee-argh!]

Democrat strategists are appalled. An anonymous insider calls Dean’s position “principled but destructive.” The strategist warns: “If health care goes down because of the public option, it’s going to be the liberals that bring it down…the Democrats are doing it to themselves.”

Well,that’s great. No question about that.Better that the Democrats do it to themselvesinstead of doing it to us again. We’ve been urging them to go “do themselves”for quite some time…good to see them finally get to it. We love seeing Democrats “do it” to themselves.

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