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RUSH: Do you know what cankles are? We’ve discussed this. Somebody tell me you know what they are. What…? (interruption) Cankles are calf ankles. Cankles are where you basically can’t see the ankle. I mean you looking at a tree trunk, right? That’s it? Okay. And this is a problem for several women. It’s been (sigh) sympathetically noted, the disease that afflicts Mrs. Clinton, and we only know this because of the chickification of the news! Chicks are writing about this. Chicks with have made it a big story. There was never such thing as cankles when guys ran news divisions! They talked about this stuff at the bar after work. They didn’t make news stories about it. Anyway, now we find out that there’s cankle surgery. It’s between four and $8,000 to repair cankles, and we have a montage of Katie Couric’s Notebook report on cankles.

COURIC: Since the dawn of time it seems women have been told their bodies aren’t good enough. Their waists should be smaller, their thighs thinner, their arms more buff. Now there’s a new imperfection to add to the list. Cankles! The term refers to the area where the calf meets the ankle, and apparently that has to be lean. Hillary Clinton is sometimes teased for having cankles, and teen queen Miley Cyrus complains about them in her autobiography. It’s all a bit much. As we enjoy the dog days of August, let’s hope women throw on their summer dresses and bathing suits and work harder on loving and accepting their bodies rather than perfecting them.

RUSH: (laughing) Gee! (laughing) This is amazing. Walter Cronkite, Don Hewitt, where have you gone? So put on the summer dresses, head out there to the beach in the bathing suits, ‘work harder on loving and accepting bodies rather than perfecting them.’ I don’t know — I’ve never noticed Katie’s legs. I don’t know if she’s got cankles or not, Snerdley. I couldn’t care less. In the midst of all that’s going on there this is Katie Couric’s Notebook on the CBS Evening News.

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