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RUSH: Let me come up with an analogy here to explain health care. I have some friends who think that you still don’t get it, and they say, ‘You gotta keep hammering this, Rush. People still don’t get what this health care is.’ I firmly believe that all of you do get it, and I think more and more Americans are getting it, as to what is actually going down with Obama health care. But let’s substitute food for health care in this analogy. Let’s say that people think food is too expensive. And of course food is a right, too! I mean, food, you can’t go without food. That’s why markups in grocery stores on food items are actually 1% overall. That’s why grocery stores sell all the other stuff: the magazines, the razor blades and all this stuff for the markups much higher, but people have to eat, and it’s thus priced the way it is.

But let’s say people thought price of food was too expensive and Obama came along and said, ‘You know what? ObamaFood can drive down the cost of your spending on food. We’re going to have to an ObamaFood plan to help you with the high cost of food; make sure you get what you want, when you want it and that there’s no discrimination. Nobody’s going to eat better than you do and you’re going to eat no better than anybody else.’ So the Obama administration says they can dramatically cut the cost of food. How are they going to do it? Well, if they wanted to take on the cost of food in the same way they’re taking on health care, they would say that they’re going to drive down the profits of the greedy farmers, and they’re going to drive down and squeeze the profits of the greedy shipping industry, and then they’re going to attack the food stores, the grocery stores that sell at too large a profit.

Speaker Pelosi would not call food stores, grocery stores, the shipping industry and farmers greedy. She would call them immoral! And to keep ’em all honest, to keep ’em all honest Obama then would create competition, real competition with a public option for you to buy food from. Food co-ops! Imagine if the government was in the business of distributing and getting to you food at an affordable price. And when the rational among us say, ‘It’s impossible to do this. The idea we’ll destroy the best food delivery system in the world,’ the people that say that then are criticized, mocked and vilified. There’s nothing wrong with the American food delivery system. There’s nothing wrong with the price. People get what they want. In fact, the food stamp program. Look at the obesity problem. And they would say, ‘The attacks on the ObamaFood program are racist,’ and so forth. So here we are. We have a totally flawed plan that’s obviously a mess, still being treated as ‘reform.’ Just imagine the government taking over anything else in your life: food or whatever, on the same basis they’re doing it now. If you are still confused, that might help you out.

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