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RUSH: No! Tell me it isn’t true! Tell me I’m not seeing what I’m watching. Oh, no! Oh. Oh, no. (big sigh) Greetings, my friends, and welcome. Yip yip yip — we’re about to witness the snatching of victory from the jaws of defeat. Senator McCain is in Sun City, Arizona, doing a town hall meeting. He’s up for reelection, of course, and he’s going all Republican all the time, supposedly, but it was big news last week, Senator McCain actually supporting the Republicans, it was the bulletin out there. Senator McCain told Obama, look, get rid of the public option, it ain’t going to fly, it isn’t going to happen, you need to work with Republicans and Democrats to get a bill passed that will have — no! No! Stay away from it, let the Democrats own it! I’m thinking Gang of 14 here. Dawn’s out there shouting, ‘But he’s great at town halls!’ it’s the problem. I know he’s good at town halls. 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program, folks. Phone number, e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Oh, this is just — oh, God. I can’t tell you. Here we are, the American people are taking care of this, we don’t need the Republicans to get in bed with Obama right now to come up with a bipartisan plan. We don’t need bipartisan! We let the Democrats own this! Senator, please, let the Democrats go down in flames once when they’re in the process of doing it, don’t bail ’em out! Oh, this silly misguided notion what the American people want is bipartisanship. He’s throwing a lifeline to Obama. Senator McCain is throwing a lifeline to Obama. I just hope Obama rejects it. I hope these people up there say, ‘Get outta here, old man, we’re not interested, we beat you last fall, go back to the party and shut up.’ I can dream. Really — I just don’t — pardon me, folks. I am so proud of everything every one of you have done out there showing up at these town halls, inspiring others to show up at the town halls, and now here comes somebody who: (imitating McCain) ‘Let’s get rid of public option and let’s work with the Republicans and Democrats together and let’s put a bill together that both of us can stand behind.’ No. Let ’em go down in flames on this. Why is it that we have people on our side that can’t bear the Democrat Party losing? I know that’s what he’s going to talk about. I’m not listening to it obviously, he proposed it last Friday and I’m sure that that’s what the town hall meeting is all about.

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