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RUSH: I want to play a couple of audio sound bites from me on this program from this year just to illustrate why it is that you should not ever doubt me. First up from July 14th this year.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Obama is pushing health care, and he wants this done by August. He’s got to get this done by August. He wants to get this done by the recess because the economy is tanking. I’m going to tell you why he wants it fast. The economy is tanking, Obama knows better than anyone else that it’s tanking, and he also knows that by the end of the year he cannot pass health care because the state of the economy is going to be so bad that everybody will know it. So the tactic here is speed and deception. The public is not going to be in any mood for a massive new spending program of any kind when the depth of the current spending and its disastrous consequences are known. And they will be known. And the circumstances are going to get worse.

RUSH: And today we know the circumstances and we know the debt and the extent of it, and this is going to make it tougher and tougher and tougher for Obama to come up with new programs that feature more spending. The only thing he can try to do to save his health care bill is to tell people, ‘See? See? We’ve gotta get my health care bill done to reduce costs.’ But he’s gotta make people believe that it’s going to be the first government program in the history of government programs that reduced the cost of anything. And he cannot tell you how anything’s going to improve in this plan. He does not tell us how medical research, treatment, or any similar advancement is going to happen. He does not tell us how things are going to get better, because he’s not an optimist. He is joyless. He’s humorless. He does not believe in American exceptionalism. We are minimalists now. We have to do and learn to do with less, except for him. He will do with more, paid for by us. May 6th, 2009, I warned you of this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: He loves crisis because when people are focused on a crisis he’s got juggling in his right hand, they forget what he’s doing with the left hand. They need a crisis and a calamity and something that’s going to kill everybody every day. So don’t get comfortable with this, ‘It’s turning out to be a much milder virus than we thought but, but if it mutates and comes back in the fall when the kids go back to school, oh, it could be horrible!’ So they’re going to keep people on the edge of their seats throughout the whole summer with this or something else like it. But it will be back in the fall. And all it’s gonna take is a couple cases, just like this is nothing and it became a pandemic.

RUSH: I was warning you in May, swine flu, they’ll bring it back in the fall. They need a crisis. Don’t doubt me.


RUSH: President Obama during the no-news-week of vacation up at Marxist Vineyard this morning.

OBAMA: I apologize for interrupting the relaxing that I told all of you to DO.

RUSH: Oh, really.

OBAMA: But, uh, I have an important announcement to make concerning the Federal Reserve.

RUSH: Good.

OBAMA: As an expert on the causes of the Great Depression —

RUSH: Mmm-hmm.

OBAMA: — I’m sure Ben never imagined that he would be part of a team responsible for preventing another.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: But because of his background, his temperament, his courage, and his creativity that’s exactly what he has helped t-to achieve. And that is why I am reappointing him to another term as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

RUSH: He just had to go out there and face the cameras. Something got him off the golf course. Something got him out of the house. Something got him off of the walks on the beach. When he said he wasn’t going to be doing and making any news. That’s mockery, by the way, of the press and everybody else. Here’s the next statement he made.

OBAMA: Taken together, this bold, persistent experimentation has brought our economy back from the brink. They’re steps that are working. Our recovery plan has put tax cuts in people’s pockets —

RUSH: This is unbelievable.

OBAMA: — extended health care and unemployment insurance to those who have borne the brunt of this recession, and is continuing to save and create jobs that otherwise would have been lost.

RUSH: I don’t know what to say here, folks, I just don’t know what to say. Brought the economy back from the brink? On the very day he announces deficits of $9 trillion over the next ten years! Good Lord. How about your job? How is that hope and change working for you? What jobs saved? The only jobs being saved or added to are government jobs. What jobs saved? What tax cuts? This is the Twilight Zone. This is so detached from reality, but it’s on purpose. It’s a purposeful detachment from reality. They still believe that you are in crisis mode, lacking the confidence in your own country and you are placing total faith in him and whatever he says is irrelevant. It’s that he’s saying it and that you’ll believe it. That’s what they’re banking on and that’s what he’s lost, and that’s why this detachment from reality is breathtaking to behold.

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