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Rush’s Morning Update: Trust
August 26, 2009

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A disclaimer: I know and I like Howard Kurtz. But on Monday, Howard Kurtz of the Washington Postcomplained that journalists have been “left out” of the health care debate. He lamented that the “facts” about Democrat proposals aren’t getting through to Americans– even though reporters haven’t been “neutral” like they usually are.

“For once,” says Kurtz, journalists actually made an effort to kill an opposing argument. As Kurtz put it: “They tried to perform last rites on the ludicrous claim about President Obama’s death panels, telling Sarah Palin, in effect, you’ve got to quit making things up.” But despite the efforts of the normally “neutral” mainstream journalists,the story just won’t die. Kurtz complains: “Even when they report the facts,” journalists “have had trouble influencing public opinion.”

Howard, can wedispense with the absurd notion that those of you in the State-Controlled Media are normally “neutral”? It doesn’t play in Peoriaor anywhere else.

As for the “death panels.” We all know there’s a provision in the House bill for “end-of-life” counseling,and now we’re learning that under Obama, the VA is pushing a “death book” on veteransthat was banned by Bush;it attempts to steer veterans in difficult circumstances to conclude that life just isn’t worth living.

When it comes to who to believe on the “death panels,” it’s all about trust. People understand exactly what it means when smiling Democrats offer end-of-life “counseling” — they don’t trust ’em! And for the record, they don’t trust journalists who are trying to shape public opinion. Just report, for once! Please!

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