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Rush’s Morning Update: CIA
August 27, 2009

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Two weeks after 9/11, Bob Torricelli,”The Torch”,took to the Senate floor to denounce the CIA. The New Jersey Democrat demanded a board of inquiry into what he called a “stunning failure” of US intelligence. One year later, with his corrupt financial dealings exposed, Torricelli left the Senate in disgrace.

But the damage was done. During his tenure, Bob Torricelli leaked the identity of CIA agentsand led Democrats’ attacks on the CIA, severely hampering it. Democrats curtailed the human assets the agency had on the ground, and limited contact with sources who could have provided key intelligence.

It wasn’t the first time. In 1975, Democrat Senator Frank Church of Idaho spearheaded policies that handicapped the CIA, which weakened our intelligence during the Cold War.

Ever since the failed Bay of Pigs operation under Jack Kennedy, the Democrat Party has waged a relentless war on the CIA. The State-Controlled Media has helped, spreading false allegations like the 1996 lie that the CIA was complicit in US drug traffickingto aid the Nicaraguan Contras. And nowObama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, seek to punish the CIA agents who saved America from additional terror attacks –and who quickly got us up to speed in the days after 9/11.

My friends,I don’t know if it will ever come, but I long for the day when Democrats fight our enemieswith the same zealousness they use to destroy the lives of true American heroes who protect us from harm.

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