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RUSH: Move on to Senator McCain and his town hall yesterday. You know, President Obama is preparing to pass an extinguished torch to future generations of Americans. Remember President Kennedy? (JFK impression) ‘The torch has been passed to a new generation.’ Obama is going to pass a torch only the torch he passes is going to be extinguished. The torch he’s going to pass is one of fascism. And this health care debacle. So McCain has a town hall yesterday — and, folks, it’s worse than I thought it was going to be. My reaction to it was negative. It was appropriate. Here’s just a sample of it. We have one sound bite from the town hall yesterday, Sun City, Arizona. A woman got up and said, ‘I would like to know how the president is getting by with all of this money. It’s against the Constitution. Doesn’t he know we still live under a Constitution?’

MCCAIN: I’m sure that he does. I’m sure —

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

MCCAIN: No, no, I’m serious. I’m sure that he does and I’m sure that he respects the Constitution of the United States.

AUDIENCE: (groans)

MCCAIN: No, no, no, no. No, I — I — I — I really do. I — I am absolutely convinced of it.


MCCAIN: I just believe, my friends, that there is a fundamental difference in philosophy and about the role of government. That’s why we have competition for public office and competition amongst parties and competition about different ideas and visions for the future of America. I am convinced the president is absolutely sincere in his beliefs.

AUDIENCE: (groans)

MCCAIN: But he’s — wait a minute. Wait a minute. He is sincere in his beliefs. We just — we just happen to disagree, and he’s the president of the United States and let’s be respectful.

RUSH: Now, this is problematic. He’s running for reelection. His audience does not trust Obama. All trust has been lost. They are afraid! People are scared to death of this man. They’re scared to death of his policies. The people of this country who showed up at McCain’s town hall think Obama has no respect for the Constitution. Sure he knows what it is. But he looks at it as a limiting document. He has said so himself. What is so hard about people in our party understanding what their opponents actually say and believe? Obama looks at the Constitution as ‘a series of negative rights.’ Obama says, he looks at the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, first ten amendments, and says, ‘It doesn’t say what the government can do to you! It doesn’t say what the government can do for you. All it says is what the government can’t do.’

Well, he is a big believer in government doing everything. The Constitution is an obstacle to him, and McCain ought to know this. (doing McCain impression) ‘You know, we just — we just — we’re reasonable people and we just disagree! We just have different political philosophies.’ You know, something else that McCain did yesterday, and this is really so tired and worn out. At this town meeting, he said, ‘We have to take Washington back from the special interests.’ Folks, that is just vacuous psychobabble, in my humble opinion. We need to take this country back from the liberal Marxists that have taken over! The special interest that we need to fear is fascism! These special interests are all over Barack Obama’s administration. After telling us they wouldn’t be, they’re all over the place.

The people that work for him are enriching themselves at the public trough like never before. And that’s something people thought was going to change, but it hasn’t changed. The fascists, the Marxists in this administration, they’re working with the special interests. Whatever that term means anyway. That’s just an illustration of how antiquated this line of thinking is, and McCain acts like, ‘Politicians, we’re all hostage’! Politicians are hostage to special interests. (doing McCain impression) ‘That’s what meaningful campaign finance reform is all about because good people come here and get corrupted! Corrupted by special interests, and so — and so — and so we need campaign finance reform.’ It’s just this tired, worn-out, ‘Gosh we’re all hostage to the special interests!’ It’s more like a reciprocal, corrupt arrangement.

The Democrats and the unions are bought and paid for by big business executives, AARP. Special interests, they’re blood brothers! This business that he wants to lay out the groundwork to sell us out on the health care by coming up with a bipartisan bill, when the Democrats are in the process of flaming out and talking about using reconciliation? Let ’em do all of these things! Don’t give them any assistance. Don’t go ‘bipartisan’ with them on this at all. McCain made every effort in that town hall meeting yesterday to make himself appear to be a reasonable man, wanting to work with a political party not his own. But those days are gone! That’s not what the American people want right now, and certainly people that vote for Republicans do not want that myth that he ran on. He ran for office on that myth, and look what happened!

He ran for office on the idea that the American people just want us to work together. He’s out there saying, ‘We gotta work together and I’m the guy to cross the aisle.’ No! That’s why you lost the election. Good grief, what…? And this isn’t about McCain anyway. The country is facing problems that will likely irrevocably harm everyone alive today and Americans yet to be born, and to solve this to satisfy some personal insecurities about an option that’s no longer viable? Working with these guys? Who in the hell is still talking about working with these guys? Anybody that’s reasonable is talking about stopping these guys! We’re talking about beating these guys. We’re talking about defeating these guys. Now, all of a sudden we’re going to start working with them? I can’t tell you how frustrating this is.

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