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RUSH: I want to move on to the CIA and the Obama administration. This is a subject that continues to inflame me. It just makes my blood boil. It irritates me all to heck. If I were a CIA agent, if I were a CIA interrogator, I would tell Eric Holder to start the trial this week. And, by the way, the last surviving Kennedy brother, Barack Obama, again today makes it plain, (imitating Obama) ‘I’ve got nothing to do with this investigation. The attorney general is doing all that, attorney general doing that.’ We got tape. We played it yesterday, 2007, Obama said first thing I’m going to do if I’m in the Oval Office is order my attorney general to conduct these investigations. This is what he was always intending to do. And he’s done it. He’s hiding. He’s hiding like Bill Clinton hid behind Janet Reno, the Waco invasion.

By the way, before I get into this I should tell you, we have from the White House — they haven’t put much out this week — ha-ha — but they’ve put this out. The CIA terrorist detainee interrogation procedures, the Obama administration actually has prepared a short little video — we have the audio of it — that is to be played at all interrogation centers like Club Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, wherever we are holding prisoners.

(playing of spoof tape)

RUSH: The interrogators are going to be hearing official interrogation instructions from the White House direct from the commander-in-chief. If I were a CIA interrogator, if I were a CIA agent, I would tell Eric Holder, I would say, ‘Start this trial this week. Go ahead and charge me. I want a jury of 12 fellow Americans to tell me, I want you to get a verdict from 12 Americans and tell me that while I sweated and froze in Iraq or Afghanistan making ridiculous wages, while I endured horrific and threatening conditions, that I was not trying to protect my country. I want you to get a verdict out of 12 Americans, Mr. Attorney General, that I was compromising the security of this country, that I was demeaning the moral ideals of this country.’ If I were one of these CIA agents, I would love to do a Jack Bauer. I would love to do a Jack Bauer on Holder or Obama and have a jury tell them to take a hike.

Now, my buddy Andy McCarthy posted at National Review Online a little piece here: ”It Makes Them Nuts that Cheney Was Right’ — At the Standard’s blog, Steve Hayes eviscerates the claims of the WPost’s Greg Sargent, who wonders why the famously pro-Cheney media are not tearing into the veep for hyping the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation tactics. As Steve relates, it could be because, by simply reading the reports that were declassified earlier this week, one learns that the coercive methods clearly worked on top terrorists KSM and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (the Cole bomber), among others.’ The techniques worked. They come out and the Obama administration says we’re going to investigate these techniques, these techniques violated the moral fiber of the United States, we trashed our ideals, and blah, blah, blah. Cheney said, ‘Wait a minute, you release the results. Release the results,’ and they were finally released and everybody now sees that the techniques were effective.

See, back in the spring, the Obama administration tried to rig the torture debate by revealing secret tactics to our enemies. They revealed what the tactics were. Do you remember this? It’s just absurd. But at the same time the Obama administration ‘denied the American people information about the life-saving intelligence those tactics produced. The veep didn’t let them get away with it, publicly insisting that that the intel be released so the interrogation program could be judged fairly. The Obama administration tactically tried to bury the fact that Cheney was right by stonewalling for five months and then, finally, releasing the intel on the same day it disclosed a five-year-old report on interrogation abuses (and AG Holder’s appointment of a prosecutor to look into same). The media are mum because they are trying to help Obama obscure the fact that Cheney was right.’ That’s why they’re not making a big deal out of it. And it just drives ’em nuts that Cheney was right, it drives them nuts that Cheney called ’em on this. This administration did everything it could to screw this country and Cheney called ’em on it.

Now, listen to what Andy writes here. He says: ‘There is a principled human-rights position on all this. You can say: ‘No one wants to see bad things happen to people, but I honestly believe abusive tactics are so corrosive of our society’s principles that it would be better for 10,000 Americans to be killed in a terrorist attack than for us to prevent the attack by subjecting a morally culpable terrorist to non-lethal forms of coercion that cause no lasting physical or mental harm.’ That would be the honest argument, but it is not going to persuade many people,’ but this is what the Obama administration is saying by virtue of its policies here. ‘Thus the continued pretense, against all evidence and logic, that the tactics don’t work. Fewer and fewer people are fooled.’

The tactics do work. And what the Obama administration is saying by investigating the interrogators and by getting all bent out of shape over these tactics that were used against these poor terrorists and this effort to villainize the United States as the world’s demon, he’s basically saying, ‘Look, we don’t want to see bad things happen to people. I really would prefer 10,000 Americans get killed than we mistreat a terrorist because I want to preserve American ideals.’ That’s what the hell he’s saying! And that’s what he’s doing by investigating these people. He’s giving aid and comfort to the enemy here and there’s nothing moral about what he is doing, because the bottom line here is a moral one. The Bush administration saw its moral obligation, which, by the way, happens to be a constitutional obligation, too, that is protecting innocent citizens for whom the government exists and from whom their governing authority comes.

The Obama administration — I tell you, folks, I hate saying this, I’m just very uncomfortable saying this — the Obama administration sees its job as protecting those who have and will wage war against American citizens. That’s his view. That’s the way this administration is acting. Protect those who have and will wage war against innocent American citizens. They have changed the language in identifying the enemy to blur the moral imperative. They’ve cut spending on defense to limit our ability to inflict harm on the enemy. They’ve placed several of the enemy’s lawyers at the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense where they can set policy that benefits the enemy. All of this has happened. And now they seek to bankrupt and ruin those who fought the enemy from the CIA. The Obama administration is rolling the dice that we’re not going to have another terror attack. They’re rejecting the notion that they have to secure the citizens of America against terrorists as a matter of moral obligation.

Folks, it is unconscionable what is happening here in the area of foreign policy. Saying I’m not comfortable with the word ‘victory’ talking about Afghanistan. And now investigating — and make no mistake, the purpose of these investigations is to financially and professionally ruin these people, because he wants our enemies to feel more comfortable. I know it’s controversial. It’s hard to believe. You can’t believe anybody would be thinking this or saying this about the president of the United States. But Peter King, the congressman from Long Island, furious, blasted a disgraceful Eric Holder for opening this investigation. He said, ‘It’s bull bleep. It’s disgraceful. You wonder which side they’re on.’ It’s a total breach of faith. Either the president is intentionally caving to the left wing of his party or he’s lost control of his administration. He has not lost control of his administration. He’s running this administration. And it is a breach of faith. And he is trying to rally his base. He is doing that because the public option in health care is in trouble but he’s also following his instincts on this. So when you’ve got a member of Congress saying, ‘What side are they on?’ you know a lot of other Americans are asking this same question.

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