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RUSH: CNN is panicking over their own poll. As predicted, the polls are starting to tighten. CNN, at least what they’re saying, they’re starting to panic. You’ll hear the sound bites coming up. Oh, by the way, the Washington Post poll that was so devastating to Romney in the swing states, this goes beyond simple incompetence or media malpractice. This is genuine corruption. We find out, and from the Washington Post’s own pollster, that they based last Friday’s poll of Romney being up ten, 11, whatever it was in those three swing states, on 160 people with a margin of error of plus or minus eight. I’m not kidding you. Now, some people say you get bogged down in analyzing polls too much because they don’t mean anything right now. But the way they’re being used, it does mean something and it’s important for people to find out.

This has been popping up all over the place this morning, 160 people plus or minus eight as the margin of error. So those polls last Friday — now, here’s the thing. Those polls have already worked. There’s a reality about the makeup of the American people. There are people in this country who only watch the network news and only read the newspaper. They do not listen to what you and I would call advocacy or partisan media. Therefore, they don’t know anything other than what they see. Now, we don’t know how many they are. The election will actually demonstrate this. It’s one of the big questions facing us in this election: have we lost the country?

Have we reached the tipping point and all those questions that we’ve been asking. But there are people who only know, and it’s not just the elderly who are afraid of computers. People from all demographics who simply watch the network news and read the newspaper, and that’s it. So those people today are thinking that Romney is down by ten and 11 in the three swing states, because they don’t know anything. And the Washington Post has not published this correction, if you will. It was discovered. And now it’s out there. But it’s important that you know about it, because as I say, this is corruption. I mean, to run that poll and try to present it as something serious. There’s no doubt here this has gone way beyond just bias. These people have thrown in with a political party. They’ve thrown in with a political party to the extent that they do not report news. They’re journalists. They will not report news that is in any way, they think, harmful or detrimental to their side.


RUSH: They are panicking if we are to believe them. We go to the audio sound bites, and a montage of reporters this morning talking about the polls.

JOHN BERMAN: The polls! There has been some tightening.

JOHN HEILEMANN: We’ve seen a little bit of tightening in some of the national polling just in the last couple days.

ANDERSON COOPER: New CNN/ORC numbers show the race tightening.

JOHN HARWOOD: Some tightening from a little surge that Obama had.

JAN CRAWFORD: The polls are tightening. That convention bounce that the president got is going to start to narrow.

RUSH: Last week the election was over.

Three states, swing states, ABC poll: Obama up ten, 11! We find out the Washington Post asked 160 people. Margin of error +/- eight! They found out about that at CNN. Their own poll has come into question. Here’s Wolf Blitzer last night on Situation Room…

BLITZER: Happening now: Just two days before the first Obama-Romney debate, and our new CNN national poll shows the president’s lost — Lost! — his post-convention bounce!


BLITZER: Our brand new —


BLITZER: — CNN/ORC poll of likely voters —


BLITZER: — shows the race between President Obama —


BLITZER: — and Governor Romney remaining up for grabs.


BLITZER: The president leads 50 to 47 percent.


BLITZER: But his three-point margin is within the poll’s sampling error.

RUSH: No! No! Did you hear? Wolf said, “[T]he president’s lost — Lost! — his post-convention bounce!” Oh-ho, no. John King is shocked to learn this! On CNN, Wolf Blitzer’s show, John King is shocked to learn that after months and months of telling us the opposite, suddenly this poll tells us this election is about Obama’s job performance and not his likability.

Oh, no!

KING: Governor Romney has improved his standing among independents. He now leads the president by eight points among those who describe themselves as “independent voters.” That’s a significant improvement for Governor Romney, 49% to 41% among independents. And, again, the defining question w-when you have an incumbent president: What do the American people think of that president’s job performance? Not do they like him, but what about his job approval rating? And the president’s is down in our new poll. Forty-nine percent of Americans approve of his performance; 48% disapprove. So the country essentially evenly divided on how the president has handled this job.

RUSH: Oh, no!

See, this was supposed to be about likability, not job performance. The media was gonna cover that up. But Obama, “First black president! Historical! He’s loved!” He was The One. He was The Messiah. Oh, no! Their poll shows that it’s about job performance. But wait! Bill Clinton spoke. Didn’t they tell us that Bill Clinton took care of all this? When Bill Clinton said (impression), “I’m gonna just tell you: There’s not a single person out there, including me, who coulda done anything with this economy. Nobody coulda done a thing. Nobody coulda done any better what this man did.” That gave Obama the Clinton bounce, and that was it. That’s why Romney was gonna lose.

Now that’s gone?

Now it’s about job performance?

Oh, no!

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